Damage caused during drying is caused by one of two ways:

  1. Improper washing: leaving loose particles on the surface. These particles are begging to be caught in your drying material and will scratch/scuff the surface while you dry. For more information on proper washing please read the How Do I Wash My Car? article.

  2. Improper selection of drying materials. Uncle Bob,s old T-Shirt or that sandy beach towel just doesn’t cut it! Use a quality waffle weave microfiber drying towel, or similar soft drying materials specifically designed for vehicle drying.

  3. Improper cleanliness of the drying material due to lack of cleaning or improper storage. Throwing the drying towel on the garage floor or driveway is a recipe to disaster. Properly store the drying material in a container or bag for future use. Excessively dirty drying towels should be washed in between uses. Using the proper microfibre detergent, such as Micro-Restore is an important step. The detergent must be mild and not contain any fabric softners. Properly cleaning your towels will greatly prolong the life of your microfibre.


Proper Drying Tecniques

Starting at the top of the vehicle and finishing at the bottom is an efficient method of drying you vehicle. It is a good idea to dry in one direction and avoid rapid back-forth motions. Also try to follow the contours of the vehicle; this will reduce the visual appearance of mishaps if they occur.

Scratches/scuffs intersecting body panel at right angles will always be more noticeable. When completely dry, store the drying material properly.

Some enthusiasts choose to use tools to help the drying process. By using a blowing/drying machine you decrease the amount of water on the vehicle,and therefor leave less opportunities for scratching the surface. We reccomend the Metro Vac-n-Blow, this provides filtered air when pointed at the car. Many people also use a leaf blower. The problem that a leaf blower presents is that it does not have a filter. It may be blowing contaminates at your paint under high pressure.

Recommended Products:

Metropolitan Vac-N-Blow

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