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CarPro CQuartz Paint Protection Kit (50ml)
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CarPro CQuartz Paint Protection Kit (50ml)

Cquartz - Ceramic Quartz paint protection is a special nano technology product with a long term effect on painted surfaces, glass and wheels.

This is not a sealer that forms a barrier but rather a modification of the surface chemistry on a molecular level to provide a permanent easy to clean and protective surface. The HydroPhobic effect works by repelling water and preventing adherence of any contaminats. In a microscopic level the painted surface is not completely smooth, so water and dirt on the surface can build up easily.

Cquartz allows the dirt with water simply to wash off and provide a clean surface leaving less water marks on surface. Dirty water cannot settle into the painted surface, the coating is very long lasting, UV stable. It cannot removed by water, Alkaline or other detergents or high pressure equipment.

Cquartz will guarantee that the surface keeps its original clarity and transparency.

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