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Chemical Guys Extreme Body Wash & Wax (16oz)
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Chemical Guys Extreme Body Wash & Wax (16oz)
A very concentrated Body wash Shampoo + Synthetic Wax/Gloss Enhancer in one. Conditioners nourish the surface while the unique synthetic wax & Carnauba wax emulsion lubricates the surface breaking down dirt and grime allowing it to safely rinse of the surface preventing the abrading effects caused by friction. 

Chemical Guys  unique soap+wax emulsion allows even hard water to sheets off. Formulated with a synthetic & carnauba wax that greatly reduces water spots by limiting calciums ability to dry to the surface. Extreme Super concentrated yet  pH-balanced making it gently on all automotive surfaces. 1oz mixes with 1 gallon water.

The first ever Extreme Body wash Shampoo + Synthetic Gloss Enhancer w/ carnauba.

This super concentrated wash and wax in one only calls for 1oz being mixed with 5 gallons of water!  Maximum suds with a maximum shine.  

Often times the way you start a job greatly impacts the final result.  Starting off with a  superior Wash & Wax shampoo that cleans the surface  yet will not strip waxes or sealants is highly recommended.

The goods: 

  • super premium Bodywash Shampoo and Synthetic gloss enhancer.
  • formulated with a synthetic wax that greatly reduces water spots by reducing calciums ability to adhere to the surface.
  • one single cap full delivers extreme super suds that gently lift dirt and grime.
  • pH-balanced blend of polymers and lubricants will gently remove dirt and contaminants from your car while still leaving your wax or sealant perfectly intact.
  • wash black, red or dark color car without fear of creating and tiny washing swirls.
  • bodywash & wax will not leave behind any film just a superior shine and clean look
  • formulated with new foaming technology that utilizes cleaners that are suspended within the suds and bubbles to gently lift away the toughest road grime.
  • bodywash and wax is heavy duty yet amazingly surface-friendly.
  • will not remove protective wax or polymer surface protectants.
  • synthetic surface lubricants  act as a lubricant to prevent scratches or swirl marks.
  • leaves behind an ultra-thin coat of gloss resulting in a beautiful shine.
  • gently lifts dirt, rinsing fast leaving behind a premium shine
  • high-performance cleaner and gloss enhancer
  • cuts through heavy dirt and road film

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