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Chemical Guys Deep Reflections XP (16oz)
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Chemical Guys Deep Reflections XP (16oz)
Deep Reflections XP

The first wax/glaze bi-blend speed emulsified with a white carnauba to deliver a perfect finish in 1-step to any surface. A fast acting paint perfection glaze that cleans finishes maximizing depth and shine. White Carnauba Wax enhanced to protect painted surfaces leaving a durable high gloss finish. Used with a high speed buffer the unique chemistry will eliminate minor imperfections. Applied by hand Deep Reflections can be wiped on /wiped off or applied like a wax allowed to hazed and wiped off. The Micro-Fine powders enable Deep Reflections to polish away light paint imperfections on red, black, and other dark-colored vehicles delivering a perfect finish.


Hand Application:
  • For best results use out of direct sunlight. Bright light and direct sunlight will reflect off of the surface glaring your vision and not allow for optimal view of scratches and swirls.
  • Using a clean terry towel or microfiber applicator pad or towel, apply a quarter size amount of Deep Reflections XP.
  • Work in small areas, applying using a small circular motion.
  • Rub until dry. Buff away excess product. Repeat as necessary.

Machine Application
  • Select the best glazing or light polishing pad to be used with your buffer. (preferably a new or clean one)
  • Apply enough polish to work 2'(foot) by 2'(foot) area..
  • Apply polish to affected area using light to medium even pressure.
  • Allow polish to dry, then buff to a deep gloss.

After Polish:
  • Remember for optimal protection and durability follow all polish with a wax or paint sealant.
  • Though Pro-Polish will outshine most waxes it does not contain any waxes, sealants or protective qualities.
  • For optimal protection we suggest Jetseal Paint Sealant.
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