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Chemical Guys E-zyme Paste Wax (8oz)
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Chemical Guys E-zyme Paste Wax (8oz)

E-zyme Natura is natural.  The finest natural wax available. Developed from the most refined natural tropical oil extracts and utilizing the hardest and most durable protective agents nature can produce combined with natural enzymes to deliver a natural paste wax unlike anything you have ever seen or smelled before 100% naturally

This full bodied wax is enriched naturally from rare all natural oils and fruit extracts to deliver an all natural wax with unmatched shine, depth and a warm full bodied shine you could only expect from the highest quality waxes.  Natura means nature, bringing together nature's finest components to create E-zyme Natura the best of Mother Earth's rejuvenating oils and extracts brought together to formulate a nourishing wax that conditions and restores, reviving and highlighting colors to the best of natures ability.



59% by volume pure Brazilian grade number one non-bleached all natural carnauba palm wax from Northern Brazil and grade number one yellow carnauba wax gives E-zyme Natura the ability to shine like no other wax.


Due to naturally derived seasonal oils and enzymes, E-zyme will only be produced mid-year in small runs. Due to rare ingredients, availability may be limited.  E-zyme Natura..... Go natural.

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