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Spray New Life Info your Leather!  Chemical Guys Liquid Leather Conditioning and Leather Cleaner Spray breathes new life into leather while helping to restore and protect neglected leather.

16 oz PRO SIZE


LEATHER CARE WITH Chemical Guys Liquid Leather- A ultra premium Dry To The Touch Sprayable Leather Conditioner that Cleans And conditions Restoring Shine and Reviving an Amazing Natural Leather Scent all at once.

Chemical Guys Liquid Leather products are natural derived miracle protectants for leather and contain no harmful chemicals that can damage leather. Natural oils are suspended in premium  formula to allow for maximum conditioning with minimal effort.

A difference you can see!  A protective coat that lasts!  A smell that will make you smile. Chemical Guys Liquid Leather is a rich, lanolin-based cream and a naturally derived propolis with remarkable "suspension release" quality, propolis also provides a durable barrier against chemicals and resists bacteria, mold, and mildew. Propolis is an anti-bacterial resin collected by honeybees to waterproof and disinfect their hives. This amazing, all natural substance repels water better and longer than regular water repellants. It even reinforces the surface of your leather against scuffing while still allowing the leather to breathe!
The unique Chemical guys Blend  prevents the drying, cracking, and hardening that occurs as leather upholstery ages. The preservatives and oils used during the tanning process gradually diminish over time. Liquid leather applies like a dream  replaces them with pH-correct, natural oils that are absorbed by the leather’s pores.


Preserves the unique, fresh natural smell, beauty, feel and shine of fine leather forever.  Chemical Guys Liquid Leather Conditioning Spray breathes new life into leather while helping to restore and protect neglected leather. No vigorous  rubbing required. Restores the feel and scent of new leather. Nourishes and moisturizes to lubricate individual fibers of leather, keeping them from becoming brittle and dry. Non-greasy and extra dry. Once applied, it leaves the surface clean, conditioned and dry to the touch. Formulated with stain repellants,  and waterproofing agents that aid in the protection of leather. The ease of use, unbeatable protection,

durability, dryness to the touch, pleasant leather scent and natural supple feel is unmatched.

APPLICATION: To apply Leather conditioner, wipe it on the leather using a microfiber or terry cloth applicator. Work the conditioner into the leather. Wait a few minutes for the leather to absorb as much of the conditioner as it will. Then buff the leather with a soft Microfiber Towel.

Moisturize and preserve your vehicle’s leather with a rich, lanolin-based cream. Four Star Ultimate Leather Conditioner keeps leather looking and feeling like new

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