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Chemical Guys WAX+ DRESSING Applicator W-APS / UFO (Single applicator)
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Chemical Guys WAX+ DRESSING Applicator W-APS / UFO (Single applicator)
The Best Applicator
At any price.
W-APS or the Chemical Guys UFO applicators as everyone calls them are engineered to be the most functional and surface friendly applicators in the industry. These Laser-Cut dura-foam applicator pads are ideal for many uses, from your favorite cream or paste wax to leather conditioners and dressings.
Product application & interior/exterior application has never been so easy.  The unique dura-foam composite of the pad assures that just the right amount of product is absorbed to reduce waste while the micro-fine pores work perfectly with the soft and dense pad construction to deliver superior surface application. 
Since the initial launch of these premium pads back in January 2008 with our E-zyme Paste Wax, customers have asked us to offer them separately; So we did!
Laser-Cute edges form the W-APS in a unique UFO like shape making them extremely easy to fit into tight areas with great ease.
Use this one applicator to polish, scrub, wax and apply protectants. 

  Made in the USA By Chemical Guys
Awesome Pads,
           Last year I purchased Chemical Guys 5050 and I love it!  Since then I have turned over 30 of my car club members onto your products, all with spectacular results.  Nothing I have purchased at any price has even come close to the shine and beading of 5050. On my last order Stacey included 2 of the new black 4" pads.  Thank you!  The pads are amazing, the paste wax just glides on the finish and applies so easily.  the texture of the pad is just right and it's so easy to work with.  Great Job on the new pads!  Keep us the good work Guys.-Steven Price San Francisco  CA United States
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