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Chemical Guys XXX Carnauba PASTE WAX (8oz)
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Chemical Guys XXX  Carnauba PASTE WAX (8oz)
"Liquid  Brilliant on Red- Amazing on Black!
XXX is Perfection in a Paste!"
Trent Simons, Florida Car Collector
A customer rating of  XXX means Hard Core Paste Wax can possibly be too much shine for most eyes. XXX is 47% Brazilian No. 1 Carnauba by volume and formulated with polymers to allow for layering, XXX is sure to create the deepest, wettest, glossiest shine. Engineered with LTI polymers to extend durability and increase resistance to the elements.
  • contains 47% Brazilian No. 1 White Unbleached and Yellow Carnauba by volume (90% White, 10% Yellow).
  • the purest and best pure wax, a true hard  #1 White Carnauba Paste wax, as hard as a brick. yet easy to apply and remove.
    • for use on any color paint.  XXX bonds with clean paint, waxes and sealants to offer will a deeper richer shine and longer lasting protection.
    • contains a purest white purified carnauba formulated wit clear, reflective polymers that allow for easy layering on any wax or sealant.
    • one coat is truly all anyone needs, however layer it as many times as desired to achieve desired results.
        • for optimal shine and depth layer XXX over a premium coat of Chemical Guys Top-Coat Sealant.
      • ideal for  creating  a wet look on any painted surface.
        • longest lasting 2-3 month protection.
        • delivers unparalleled shine and protection
        • formulated for successful use even in the sun
        • coats your vehicle in a carnauba protective seal delivering a glossy, rich, liquid shimmer that leaps off the paint surface.
        • slippery non-stick protection and gloss that lasts months
        • works like a sun block to protect your paint

        rate scale:

        Polish:          Low IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII     High

        Shine:           Low IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII     High


        Depth:          Low IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII     High

Directions for Success:

  1. Wash vehicle well, with quality carwash shampoo.

  2. For superior surface coverage and minimal product use, always apply all Chemical Guys products with Microfiber applicators.  over the wax.

  3. Always apply very thin coat a little goes along way in a 2-3 square foot area.

  4. Once haze has formed, buff gently away with a clean Microfiber Towel.

  5. XXX can be applied in as many coats as desired and can also be layered over any glaze, wax or sealant.

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