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Detailer's Pride Engine Degreaser (128oz)
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Detailer's Pride Engine Degreaser (128oz)
Get the engine so clean, you’ll want to show it off!

DP Engine Degreaser is a powerful but environmentally friendly cleaner for the greasiest area of your vehicle – the engine compartment. Surfactant technology replaces harsh solvents to create a VOC-free, biodegradable degreaser. Erase years of engine neglect in one afternoon with DP Engine Degreaser.

The engine compartment is the last place many drivers clean, but it is important to the beauty and performance of a vehicle. For example, think of how difficult it is to find an oil leak if the entire engine compartment is covered in grease. Many engine problems are just easier to diagnose and repair when the mechanic can locate the problem on a clean engine. And regular cleaning will make regular, do-it-yourself maintenance much less messy.

 DP Engine Degreaser is a blend of surfactants, sequestering agents, and emollients that immediately loosen and lift greasy buildup from engine surfaces. This formula is based on remarkable cleaning technology that’s used to clean up oil spills in the ocean because of its ability to break up oil and encapsulate it. This same technology powers through layers of grime on engine components to uncover a factory-new looking engine.

DP Engine Degreaser is not what you’d expect from an engine degreaser. It has no harsh fumes, it is nontoxic, VOC-free, biodegradable, and safe on any hard surface. We’ve replaced the butyl, butyl ethers, and acid with safe, nonirritating cleaners. DP Engine Degreaser is VOC compliant in all 50 states. But you do not have to work harder to compensate for a safer product. DP Engine Degreaser works better than conventional degreasers. It quickly cuts through grease and allows you rinse it away with minimal agitation.

Use DP Engine Degreaser on rubber, plastic, wiring, clear coated and painted surfaces.
The surface-safe surfactants will safely clean any surface under the hood provided that it is safe to get wet.

The air intake should be blocked to prevent moisture from entering it, as well as the air filter. Check your owner’s manual to see if there’s anything else under the hood that should not get wet. As a precaution, you can use small pieces of aluminum foil or sandwich bags to cover electrical components, spark plugs, the distributor, and sensors. These areas are already water-proofed but they’re not prepared to handle sitting water.

You may also choose to warm the engine by running it for several minutes. Make sure it doesn’t get too hot to touch. A little warmth will loosen the buildup.

Spray the engine with water to remove any loose dirt and grime. Then spray the engine compartment with DP Engine Degreaser and let it sit for about 2 minutes. (This is another reason why your engine should be only slightly warm – you don’t want the degreaser to evaporate too quickly.)

Use a sturdy bristled brush to agitate any heavily soiled areas. The green Long Handle Tire & Wheel Brush will work, but severe build-up may require the Brass Battery & Tire Brush. For tight areas, the Pinnacle Detailing Brush Kit has three small brushes with different types of bristles.

 Grease should be visibly breaking up at this point. Rinse down the engine compartment with your water hose. A strong blast of water is not necessary because you don’t want to loosen any wiring.

Remove any bags or foil you’ve used to cover anything. If you have an Air Force Blaster, or similar blower, use it to dry the engine. If you don’t have a dryer, you might want to use a Cobra All Purpose Microfiber Towel to wipe down visible areas of the engine to prevent water spots. Start the engine to speed up the drying process.

Note: If you have bright polished aluminum under the hood, take care not to leave DP Engine Degreaser on the aluminum for more than a few seconds as it may spot. It is best to remove these before you clean the rest of the engine.

Now your engine should be as clean as when you first drove it off the car lot: sparkling metal, clean, black hoses, and wiring connections you can actually see! In this engine, detecting a problem is easier and maintenance is much neater. After using DP Engine Degreaser, you will have an engine that you’re ready to show off, whether it’s to your car club or to your mechanic.

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