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Detailer's Pride Universal Clay Lubricant w/sprayer (32oz)
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Detailer's Pride Universal Clay Lubricant w/sprayer (32oz)
Protect your paint as you perfect it!

Detailing clay is the safest, most effective way to remove embedded contaminants from your vehicle’s paint. In recent years, it has become popular among professional and weekend detailers alike because it renders a glassy, smooth surface that shines like new paint. The only risk associated with claying is the possibility of creating scratches as gritty particles are pulled out of the clear coat, but the risk is eliminated with the advent of clay lubricants, like DP Universal Clay Lubricant.

In the infancy of detailing clay, soapy water was recommended as an adequate lubricant. We now know there are a number of disadvantages, such as the lubricants in the wash may be too diluted by the water to provide any real paint protection. Also, the chemicals used in some car washes may contribute to the deterioration of the clay bar. Using a lubricant specially formulated for clay is the best way to prolong the life of the clay and protect your vehicle from scratches.

 DP Universal Clay Lubricant is a high lubricity formula that allows gritty particles removed from the clearcoat to glide just above the surface of the paint. It thoroughly wets the paint surface to enable you to rub the clay bar effortlessly. The VOC compliant lubricant spray contains no gloss agents so you can see the true results of the clay bar. When you are finished claying an area, use DP Universal Clay Lubricant to remove any clay residue. It can also be used to remove fingerprints and dust in between details. The water-based formula will not degrade synthetic or natural clay, and overspray will not affect glass, metal, plastic, or rubber. Use it with DP Universal Detailing Clay to create a smooth, silky finish that is completely clean. Both the DP Universal Detailing Clay and the DP Universal Clay Lubricant can be mixed and matched with other clays and lubricants without affecting the performance of either.

Experience clean, clear paint without any risk. DP Universal Clay Lubricant will provide a slick surface that allows your clay bar to glide effortlessly. Bring the detail shop home with DP professional car care products.


  1. On a freshly washed vehicle, mist a 2 ft. x 2 ft. area of paint with DP Universal Clay Lubricant.
  2. Gently rub the clay bar back and forth across the wet area only. It will grab initially. This is the clay grabbing contaminants that protrude above the clear coat surface. When the clay glides freely, the surface is clean.
  3. Wipe off the area with a clean Microfiber Towel. Use the clay lubricant to remove any remaining clay residue.
  4. Before moving on to the next section, inspect the clay to see if it appears soiled. If so, reshape the clay to reveal a clean side. If you drop the clay on the ground, discard it.
  5. To store the clay, moisten it with clay lubricant and seal it in a plastic bag within its plastic case.
32 oz.
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