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Griot's Garage Dimpled Synthetic Chamois
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Griot's Garage Dimpled Synthetic Chamois
A Synthetic Chamois With Dimples That Grab On And Hold More Water
I know the complaints I hear from you about using a real chamois: tough to wring out, smells like cod liver oil, becomes dry and brittle over time. Take a close look at the surface of this synthetic chamois; it resembles a golf ball! The dimpled surface works wonders when picking up water. In my testing, it soaks up water quickly and efficiently. Plus it's easier to wring out and leaves behind absolutely no lint. Don't judge this synthetic chamois by all the other "smooth type" synthetic chamois on the market - the performance of this synthetic chamois will surpass them all. Plastic holding case included. Large 16 1/2" x 24" size.
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