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Griot's Garage Metal Cleaner (17oz)
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Griot's Garage Metal Cleaner (17oz)
Cleans, brightens, and protects all bare metal surfaces!

Bare metal surfaces are a challenge to clean and keep clean! Griot's Garage Metal Cleaner not only removes those unsightly fingerprints and smudges quickly, but Metal Cleaner also leaves a non-sticky coating behind that keeps normal fingerprints from reoccurring!

Back in the day, vehicles had chrome or metal door handles, bumpers, and trim. When they were clean, what a shine! But, naturally metal door handles are going to get covered in fingerprints and bumpers will get dirty. If only Griot's Garage Metal Cleaner was around back then. Every handle, bumper, grill, and wheel would shine like new!

Griot's Garage Metal Cleaner is also perfect for aluminum and stainless steel surfaces. It removes fingerprints, smudges, and oils easily and keeps them from happening again with a transparent coating.

Griot's Garage Metal Cleaner is a must-have for metal trim. A lot of all purpose cleaners leave streaks on metal. Griot's Garage Metal Cleaner is formulated to leave metals looking clean and smudge-free.

The foaming action of this aerosol spray helps keep the cleaner on the metal much better than liquid cleaners. Simply spray on and wipe with a clean cloth. A significant amount of oils and dirt can be removed from stainless steel, bare steel, brass, even dull aluminum and chrome.

Griot's Garage Metal Cleaner is ideal in the garage and on all new stainless steel appliances found in the home. Spray it on and the fingerprints are gone!

17 ounce aerosol
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