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Pinnacle GlassWork Windshield Washer Booster (16oz)
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Pinnacle GlassWork Windshield Washer Booster (16oz)

Turbo charge your windshield washer fluid!

Pinnacle GlassWork Windshield Washer Booster is an advanced additive for your windshield washer fluid.  It doubles the cleaning power of regular windshield washer fluid while creating a much slicker washer fluid that is less prone to streaking and smearing.  Its formula is highly concentrated which means one 16 ounce bottle of concentrate treats 16 gallons of washer fluid!  It is perfect for removing built up road film, dirt and grime to avoid creating a safety hazard in inclement weather conditions.

Pinnacle GlassWork Windshield Washer Booster was designed for the person who accepts nothing less than perfect vision every time he or she drives.  Pinnacle GlassWork Windshield Washer Booster restores crystal clear glass after driving in diverse weather conditions including rain, sleet, snow, along with the general build up of road film that occurs every time you drive.  With a simple flick of your windshield wiper stalk you can restore perfect vision in seconds, without having to get out of the vehicle. 

One of the most overlooked aspects of car care and detailing is maintaining the perfect clarity of our windshields that we often struggle to get just right.  Glass cleaning is often considered a chore in car care because it’s messy, time consuming, and it seems you can never get streak-free glass without multiple attempts.  Forgo the glass cleaner, the towels and the mess and clean your glass the easy way with Pinnacle GlassWork Windshield Washer Booster.  Its intense formula cuts through heavy grease, grime, bug splatter, bird droppings and road film, restoring optical clarity and a happy driver.

Driving with a windshield that’s constantly dirty is like driving with bald tires; it’s a safety hazard.  Since it’s impossible to get out of your vehicle during rush hour traffic or while on the freeway to remove bugs, grease, and grime off the windshield, we developed this product to do all the work for you.  Simply add the proper amount to your windshield washer reservoir (most vehicles have a reservoir that holds 1 gallon) and you’ll be set for months!  One 16 ounce bottle of Pinnacle GlassWork Windshield Washer Booster treats 16 gallons of windshield washer fluid.  What’s more, the bottle has a built-in measuring cup to ensure the correct amount is used every time.

Tip:  If you want to keep your windshield even cleaner yet, apply a coat of Pinnacle GlassCoat Window Sealant with Rain Repellent once every 2-3 months.  This high-performance glass coating creates a super-slick hydrophobic surface that causes water to bead up and roll off.  In most cases you won’t even need to use your windshield wipers at highway speeds!


  1. 1 ounce treats 1 gallon of windshield washer fluid.
  2. Squeeze bottle until built-in measuring cup fills to 1 ounce marker.
  3. Remove cap and dispense measured product into windshield washer resevoir.
  4. Add more product as needed.

Keep your windshield looking and performing as well as the rest of your vehicle with Pinnacle GlassWork Windshield Washer Booster. 


16 oz.

Price: Cdn$30.14


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