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Pinnacle Signature Series II Wax Kit
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Pinnacle Signature Series II Wax Kit
8 oz. Pinnacle Signature Series II Carnauba Paste Wax
Our original carnauba wax has been updated with the latest polymer technology. The shine is wetter and slicker than ever before! Colors are deeper, reflections are clearer…Signature Series II is an exciting new chapter in the Pinnacle wax tradition. Bursting with carnauba, the wax has the same buttery texture and signature scent that can only be Pinnacle.

16 oz. Bodywork Shampoo
Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo has the smooth, silky feel and aroma of a luxury body gel. As you wash, natural coconut oils attach to surface dirt. These oils act as a lubricant. Sand and abrasive grit slide off in the rinse water without scratching the surface. New Improved Formula! Bodywork Shampoo now contains Tuff Suds ®.New technology uses cleaners suspended in the bubble's walls to scour away tough dirt and grime. Most important, the suds last! No more flat suds water before the job is done!


Pinnacle Signature Series II Carnauba Paste Car Wax

Pinnacle Signature Series II produces clear, deep reflections on cleaned and polished paint.

16 oz. Paintwork Cleansing Lotion
Applied prior to waxing, Paintwork Cleansing Lotion will restore and preserve your car’s original beauty. It uses d-Limonene, a natural cleaner made from the rind of oranges, along with lemon oil, natural clays and sea kelp to polish without abrasives.

16 oz. Pinnacle Crystal Mist Carnauba Detail Spray
Natural carnauba wax gives Crystal Mist Carnauba Detail Spray its distinctive, wet-looking shine. Carnauba, combined with crystalline polymers, creates sharp reflections and silky paint. This state-of-the-art carnauba-polymer matrix also enables Crystal Mist to bond to the existing wax for an instant but long-lasting gloss. On top of Signature Series II Paste Wax, Crystal Mist reactivates the existing wax so you’re not just seeing a surface gloss – you’re seeing the depth and dimension of multiple layers of carnauba.

2 Cobra Indigo Edgeless Polishing Cloths(16 x 16 inches)
Each of the Cobra Edgeless Polishing Cloths has a dense woven structure that is absolutely amazing at removing wax. Both sides of the cloth are the same. The fabric has what we call “grip”, meaning that the microfiber loops grab the wax residue to remove it from the paint. Yet, this remarkable microfiber will not scratch. It’s made of a 70/30 blend of polyester and polyamide, the softest you can buy.

1 Foam Wax Applicator Pad
The foam wax applicator can apply any wax evenly without creating any swirl marks. It’s absorbent in order to catch drips or runs, and it applies a perfect, even coat of paste waxes and polishes.

1 Microfiber Applicator Pad
Use the microfiber applicator pad for applying pre-wax cleaners, polish, dash and tire dressings. It will apply an even coat and catch drips and runs. Washable and reusable.

Kit includes:
8 oz. Pinnacle Signature Series II Wax
16 oz. Pinnacle Bodywork Shampoo
16 oz. Pinnacle Paintwork Cleansing Lotion
16 oz. Pinnacle Crystal Mist Carnauba Detail Spray
2 Cobra Indigo Edgeless Microfiber Polishing Cloths
1 Foam Wax Applicator Pad
1 Microfiber Applicator Pad
Price: Cdn$182.19


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