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Detailer's Pride Plex-All™ Cleaner & Polish for All Clear Plastics (19oz)
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Detailer's Pride Plex-All™ Cleaner & Polish for All Clear Plastics (19oz)
One simple step to clean, polished, protected plastic.

If you’ve been skeptical about one-step products, DP Plex-All™ will change your mind. Plex-All™ is a cleaner, polish, and protectant for all clear and colored plastics. This easy-on aerosol plastic cleaner/polish cleans and shines all kinds of plastics in just seconds and keeps them looking their best over the long term.

DP Plex-All™ is a breeze to use and the results are instant and long-lasting. Spray Plex-All™ on all your vehicle’s plastic surfaces to see an instant improvement in clarity. Then notice how the treated plastics stay clean and resist collecting dust. That’s the anti-static, scratch-resistant protectant in Plex-All™.

 Use DP Plex-All™ on all acrylics, Lexan, polycarbonates, and Plexiglas. This versatile plastic cleaner and polish is safe and effective on clear and colored plastics. Use Plex-All™ on instrument panels, headlights, motorcycle windscreens, wind deflectors, and visors.

Attention motorcycle riders; DP Plex-All™ reduces glare and fogging on motorcycle windscreens and visors! Just spray it on and wipe dry to leave an anti-static, anti-fog, anti-glare, crystal clear coating on all plastics.

No professional detailer should be without DP Plex-All™! The spray and wipe plastic cleaner saves time and customers get cleaner, clearer plastic for weeks to come. And since Plex-All™ works on all plastics, you only need one cost-effective product for a wide variety of applications.

DP Plex-All™ utilizes the same aerospace technology used to maintain some of the world’s most well-known aircraft fleets. This is a turbo-charged alternative to Plexus!

DP Plex-All™ contains an intense foaming plastic cleaner, so intense that we couldn’t sell this product if it were any stronger. Plex-All™'s foam lifts dirt and oils out of fine scratches on headlight lens covers to make the surface appear clearer and smoother. Micro polishers within the foam smooth fine lines to make the plastic appear clearer and cleaner with fewer scratches with Plex-All™.

 The best part is that the treated surfaces will stay clean and protected for weeks. DP Plex-All™ leaves a transparent polymer film that blocks out UV rays, oily road films, bird droppings and bugs. Future cleaning will be easier because the Plex-All™ coating discourages contaminants from bonding with it.

Though DP Plex-All™ is as strong as we could make it, it is still safe enough for frequent, regular use. Plex-All™ meets VOC guidelines in all 50 states.

 DP Plex-All™ is excellent preventative maintenance for automotive plastics. Regular use will keep plastic surfaces cleaner longer and guard them against UV degradation. Even marine plastics will stay clean and clear with regular use of DP Plex-All™.

DP Plex-All™ is not intended to remove cloudiness since this is an indication of oxidation. Use a plastic polishing system, such as the Diamondite Clear Plastic Kit, and then use DP Plex-All™ regularly to maintain the shine and clarity.

DP Plex-All is an excellent value compared to Plexus. DP Plex-All is a 19 oz. can for $12.99, which is about $0.68 per ounce. Plexus is only 13 oz. for $12.99, which is almost $1 per ounce. You can see that, for a little over half the price of Plexus, you can have clean, polished, protected plastic.

For the cleaning and maintenance of all plastics, DP Plex-All™ is the only one-step plastic cleaner, polish, and protectant you’ll ever need.

  1. Spray plastic with DP Plex-All™ from about 6-8 inches away.
  2. Wipe the surface dry with a Microfiber Towel.
  3. If surface is dirty, reapply Plex-All™.
19 oz. aerosol
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