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Finish Kare 2685 Pink Paste Wax (15oz)
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Finish Kare 2685 Pink Paste Wax (15oz)
For dramatic shine, think pink!

Finish Kare 2685 Pink Paste Wax is blended from premium Brazilian Carnauba wax plus high tech poly resins to provide a wet looking shine and great paint protection. The advanced blending process makes this car wax easy to apply and even easier to appreciate. The shine, the depth, and the protection might make pink your new favorite color!

Finish Kare 2685 Pink Paste Wax is an enthusiast's wax. The No.1 grade carnauba wax gives the paint a wet look and great gloss. Plus, you get the paste wax feel that many detailer prefer, yet it's a softer consistency that is easier to apply.

Thanks to the polymer resins, Finish Kare 2685 Pink Wax has excellent durability and paint protection. All the natural benefits of carnauba wax - UV protection, water beading, and slickness - are reinforced by the polymers. Finish Kare 2685 Pink Paste Wax produces a clear, reflective finish on all paints.

Layer Finish Kare 2685 Pink Paste Wax for an even deeper shine and to conceal minor scratches and swirls. It can be layered over itself, or over a base coat of Finish Kare 2180 Ultra Sealant for added durability.

Enjoy a beautiful gloss on all painted, chrome, and fiberglass surfaces. Finish Kare 2685 Pink Paste Wax can be safely used on chrome wheels to keep them cleaner and to enhance the mirror shine.

For the easiest application, dampen a clean foam applicator pad. Spread a thin coat of wax onto the paint and allow it to dry for 10 minutes. Remove the wax film with a dry Cobra Microfiber Towel.

When you want a deep carnauba wax shine plus excellent paint protection, think pink: Finish Kare 2685 Pink Paste Wax.

15 oz.
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