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Kleenzit APC (128oz)
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Kleenzit APC (128oz)


Kleenol All Purpose Cleaner is a powerful water based formula that is environmentally friendly.


Kleenzit is safe to use on all motorsport surfaces including; engines, wheels, ATV’s, and undercarriages. Kleenzit is safe on all trim and will not leave a residue!


Easily removes insects, tar, grease, rubber, mud and black streaks. Kleenzit can also be used for delicate applications such as a pre-wash, convertible tops, household cleaning, or as a fabric/carpet cleaner. Safe on all surfaces, glass, rubber, plastic, vinyl, fabric and metals.





Just Spray & Wipe!




Directions: Kleenzit can be used full strength on heavy jobs such as wheels, engines, ATV’s, RV’s. For delicate cleaning such as fabrics, interiors, or using as a prewash dilute 1:1. Simply spray on, agitate if necessary, and rinse. DO NOT let Kleenol dry completely on surface.

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