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CarPro Fixer 1Step Nano Polish (500ml)
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CarPro Fixer 1Step Nano Polish (500ml)

The CarPro Fixer is a 1 step polish compound made for any kind of paint surface, freshly painted, soft,Hard and new ceramic scratch resistant paint.  All can be polished fast, easy and without leaving holograms or swirl marks.

Fixer is capable of removing 1500~2000 grit sand scratches, surface scratches, marring and haze, compounding swirl marks, light swirls, and mild oxidation.  The nano-fine finishing powders deliver a perfect finish with less passes and an unmatched wet mirror-like finish.

Fixer is the finest yet fastest one step polish that leaves the surface glowing with a perfect shine.

Fixer is not as ordinary common polish compounds, we have made the new generation in polish compounding using Nano components to make it very fast working and versatile as much as possible. Designed from scratch and formulated to deliver perfect results in less passes.

Fixer will remove 80-95% of all light/medium paint imperfections in less time (up to 40% less) delivering a perfect mirror-like showroom car finish.

100% Body Shop Safe (silicone/wax free) no fillers inside, Finishes like a showroom car.

Fixer will ensure permanent removal of sanding marks with best economical and professional clearcoat finish. ( 50ml per 8m2 )

It can also be used for plastic headlamp restoring and oxidation removing.



1.       Very fast working time without filling surface pores.

2.       Good for any type of car paint, soft to ceramic clearcoats.

3.       Cutting from 1500~2000 to final finish surface.

4.       Save working time up to 40%!

5.       No fillers, No holograms, No powder dusting, No organic silicones

6.       Economic- money saving, different polishes and pads for same application.

7.       A versatile polish – good for DA machine or rotary polisher.

8.       Body shop safe- no silicones/wax/polymers/Teflon used which only hide scratches.

9.       Very low consumption use per each car polish.

10.     Best Polish to use before Cquartz coating .

11.     Good for hand polishing as well.

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