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Product ID: 400
4" Round Applicator Black Foam Sealant/Carnauba

Price: Cdn$4.93
Product ID: 402
4" Round Applicator Blue Foam Polishing

Price: Cdn$4.93
Product ID: 401
4" Round Applicator Blue/Black Foam Combination

Price: Cdn$5.20

Product ID: 1111128
Detailer's Pride Microfiber Cleaner (128oz)

Price: Cdn$51.97
Product ID: 1219
Lake Country Foam Wash Sponge

Price: Cdn$7.90
Product ID: 453
The Cookie Monster Microfiber Towel V2.0

List Price: Cdn$7.79
Price: Cdn$5.42

Product ID: 451
The Dehydrator Drying Towel MINI V2.0

List Price: Cdn$7.77
Price: Cdn$5.44
Product ID: 458
The Dehydrator Drying Towel V2.0

List Price: Cdn$18.25
Price: Cdn$12.77
Product ID: 452
The El Cheapo Microfiber Buffing Towel

List Price: Cdn$6.44
Price: Cdn$4.50

Product ID: 455
The Tornado Buffing Towel

List Price: Cdn$5.63
Price: Cdn$4.23
Product ID: 456
The Tsunami dusting glove

Price: Cdn$9.82