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Product ID: 2701
10" Boar’s Hair Car Wash Brush

Price: Cdn$87.00
Product ID: 2703
10" Long Angled Bristled Boar's Hair Wheel Brush

Price: Cdn$117.50
Product ID: 2700
10” Soft Washing Brush W/Bumper

Price: Cdn$25.91

Product ID: 300016-6
16oz Detailing Bottles w/sprayer 6 Pack  SAVE 35%

List Price: Cdn$16.92
Price: Cdn$11.84
Product ID: 300016
16oz Empty Detailing Bottle w/sprayer

Price: Cdn$2.82
Product ID: 2704
17” Spoke Wheel Brush

Price: Cdn$12.19

Product ID: 114
1Z Einszett De-Icer Spray (16.9oz)

Price: Cdn$11.70
Product ID: 2713
2-IN-1 Microfiber Chenille Wash Pad (9x4.5x2.5)

Price: Cdn$7.99
Product ID: 2714
2-IN-1 Microfiber Scrubber Wash Mitt W/Cuff (7.5x10.5)

Price: Cdn$9.99

Product ID: 2707
20" Nylon Wheel Brush

Price: Cdn$22.59
Product ID: 400
4" Round Applicator Black Foam Sealant/Carnauba

Price: Cdn$4.93
Product ID: 402
4" Round Applicator Blue Foam Polishing

Price: Cdn$4.93

Product ID: 401
4" Round Applicator Blue/Black Foam Combination

Price: Cdn$5.20
Product ID: 4014
4oz Squeeze Bottle

Price: Cdn$2.50
Product ID: 2705
5” Round Wheel/Tire Brush

Price: Cdn$17.73

Product ID: 2723
6" Two Sided Detailing Brush

Price: Cdn$5.99
Product ID: 2702
8" Boar’s Hair Wheel and Rim Brush

Price: Cdn$30.16
Product ID: 2736
8" Contour Toothbrush Style Detail Brush

Price: Cdn$1.99

Product ID: 3001
Battery Tender 800 Waterproof

Price: Cdn$64.97
Product ID: 3009
Battery Tender Case

Price: Cdn$13.00
Product ID: 3008
Battery Tender Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Price: Cdn$13.00

Product ID: 3002
Battery Tender Junior

Price: Cdn$51.97
Product ID: 3003
Battery Tender Plus

Price: Cdn$90.96
Product ID: 3010
Battery Tender Replacement Alligator Clips

Price: Cdn$10.40

Product ID: 3039
Brinkmann Dual Xenon Swirl Finder Spotlight Replacement Bulbs

Price: Cdn$11.29
Product ID: 2742
Bug Sponges (2pk)

Price: Cdn$3.50
Product ID: 2728
Car Dash Duster (12in)

Price: Cdn$6.99

Product ID: 2727
Car Dash Duster (25in)

Price: Cdn$17.50
Product ID: 5467
CarPro Cquartz Applicator

Price: Cdn$3.38
Product ID: 5469
Carpro Expanding Wash Sponge

Price: Cdn$2.00

Product ID: 911
Chemical Guys 1964 Vintage Crew T-Shirt (Large)

Price: Cdn$19.50
Product ID: 912
Chemical Guys 1964 Vintage Crew T-Shirt (X-Large)

Price: Cdn$19.50
Product ID: 759
Chemical Guys Big Fat Large Chubby Sticker

Price: Cdn$7.90

Product ID: 758B
Chemical Guys Decal Sticker Black Border Skull (12in)

Price: Cdn$13.55
Product ID: 758A
Chemical Guys Decal Sticker Black Border Skull (6")

Price: Cdn$6.77
Product ID: 757B
Chemical Guys Decal Sticker with Chrome Silver Edges (12")

Price: Cdn$13.00

Product ID: 757A
Chemical Guys Decal Sticker With Chrome Silver Edges (6")

Price: Cdn$6.43
Product ID: 909
Chemical Guys Dust Monster Merino Wool Auto Duster (Original)

Price: Cdn$29.89
Product ID: 910
Chemical Guys Dust Monster Merino Wool Auto Duster (X-Large)

Price: Cdn$48.08

Product ID: 963
Chemical Guys Easy Grip Hyper Flex Water Spot Sanding Block

Price: Cdn$24.69
Product ID: 834
Chemical Guys Foam Blaster 6 Foam Wash Gun

Price: Cdn$79.09
Product ID: 967
Chemical Guys Foam Pad Conditioning Brush

Price: Cdn$15.81

Product ID: 949
Chemical Guys Gerbil Wheel and Rim Brush

Price: Cdn$13.55
Product ID: 969
Chemical Guys Jet Blower VX6

Price: Cdn$83.17
Product ID: 966
Chemical Guys Premium Extra Thick Wash Mitt

Price: Cdn$7.90

Product ID: 916
Chemical Guys Premium Extra Thick Wash Pad

Price: Cdn$7.90
Product ID: 917
Chemical Guys Skull Detailing Apon

Price: Cdn$12.50
Product ID: 832
Chemical Guys Super Fine 3500 Grit Latex Self-Adhesive Sanding Sheets (3 Pack)

Price: Cdn$10.40

Product ID: 975
Chemical Guys Vintage Logo 60" x 35" Vinyl Shop/Garage Banner with Grommets

Price: Cdn$56.49
Product ID: 896
Chemical Guys WAX+ DRESSING Applicator W-APS / UFO (Single applicator)

Price: Cdn$5.20

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