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SONAX has been making premium car care products in Europe for more than 50 years. SONAX began in Germany like so many of the best car care products in the world. The company began by making a silver polish from an extremely fine mineral, which eventually led to their first car polish and the rest is history.

Today SONAX includes car waxes, interior and exterior cleaners, a tire gel, paint cleaners, and auto shampoo. Through constant research and development and partnerships with major auto manufacturers, SONAX develops car care products that last longer, perform better and shine brighter. SONAX was one of the first car care companies to pro-actively develop environmentally friendly products and they are on the leading edge of nanotechnology.

SONAX and cars go hand in hand. The company is the official supplier to Team McLaren Mercedes in Formula-1, Team Arden International in GP2, British Touring Car Championship, Australian V8 Supercars Series, American Champ Car Atlantic Championship, and many international teams.

With high quality car care products, a commitment to ongoing research, and worldwide brand recognition, SONAX is a driving force in car care.

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Product ID: 545
SONAX 12" Flexi Blade

Price: Cdn$24.99
Product ID: 574
SONAX 2-In-1 Car Shampoo (1000ml)

Price: Cdn$22.95
Product ID: 574-3
SONAX 2-In-1 Car Shampoo (3 PACK) (1000ml) 40% Off

List Price: Cdn$68.85
Price: Cdn$47.92

Product ID: 586
SONAX 5" Lambskin pad (130mm)

Price: Cdn$18.07
Product ID: 585yel
SONAX 6" Hard Yellow Polishing Pad (160mm)

Price: Cdn$16.89
Product ID: 585org
SONAX 6" Medium Orange Polishing Pad (160mm)

Price: Cdn$16.89

Product ID: 585grey
SONAX 6" Soft Grey Polishing Pad (160mm)

Price: Cdn$16.89
Product ID: 578
SONAX Application Sponge

Price: Cdn$11.29
Product ID: 564
SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer (750ml)

Price: Cdn$22.09

Product ID: 551
SONAX Car Wash Shampoo Concentrate (1000ml)

Price: Cdn$20.79
Product ID: 592
SONAX Care Pad for Plastics

Price: Cdn$11.29
Product ID: 572
SONAX Complete Kit

List Price: Cdn$282.47
Price: Cdn$315.18

Product ID: 550
SONAX Dashboard Cleaner Matte Finish (500ml)

Price: Cdn$19.20
Product ID: 563
SONAX Dirt Eraser (2 pack)

Price: Cdn$10.40
Product ID: 546
SONAX Engine Cleaner (500ml)

Price: Cdn$15.81

Product ID: 5425L
SONAX Fallout Cleaner (5 litres)

Price: Cdn$169.99
Product ID: 542500
SONAX Fallout Cleaner (500ml)

Price: Cdn$27.00
Product ID: 596
SONAX Foam Upholstery & Alcantara Cleaner (250ml)

Price: Cdn$25.98

Product ID: 567
SONAX Glass Cleaner (500ml)

Price: Cdn$15.59
Product ID: 579
SONAX Hair and Fur Brush

Price: Cdn$22.59
Product ID: 575
SONAX Hybrid NPT Liquid Wax (500ml)

Price: Cdn$22.59

Product ID: 577
SONAX Hybrid NPT Power Paint Cleaner (500ml)

Price: Cdn$26.00
Product ID: 547
SONAX Insect Remover (500ml)

Price: Cdn$16.89
Product ID: 571
SONAX Interior Cleaner (500ml)

Price: Cdn$19.20

Product ID: 553
SONAX Leather Foam Cleaner & Conditioner (400ml)

Price: Cdn$19.49
Product ID: 580
SONAX Microfiber Car Wash Sponge

Price: Cdn$18.07
Product ID: 581
SONAX Microfiber Towel Ultrafine (3 pack)

Price: Cdn$22.59

Product ID: 593
SONAX Microfibre Glass Cloths Plus

Price: Cdn$13.55
Product ID: 597
SONAX Multi Star All Purpose Cleaner (750ml)

Price: Cdn$23.72
Product ID: 582
SONAX P-Ball Polishing Applicator

Price: Cdn$20.33

Product ID: 583
SONAX P-Ball Recharge Replacement Sponge

Price: Cdn$10.00
Product ID: 561D
SONAX Paint Power Cleaner (500ml)

Price: Cdn$25.98
Product ID: 549
SONAX Plastic Restorer Gel (250ml)

Price: Cdn$23.39

Product ID: 584
SONAX Polishing Cloths (15 Pack)

Price: Cdn$15.81
Product ID: 569
SONAX Polymer Net Shield (210ml)

Price: Cdn$36.39
Product ID: 555
SONAX Premium Class Carnauba Wax (200ml)

Price: Cdn$79.09

Product ID: 526D
SONAX Profiline Cut Max 6/3 (1L)

Price: Cdn$71.18
Product ID: 525
SONAX Profiline EX 04-06 (1L)

Price: Cdn$76.83
Product ID: 566
SONAX Profiline Fine Abrasive Paste 5/4 (1L)

Price: Cdn$62.38

Product ID: 568
SONAX Profiline Nano Polish 3/6 (1L)

Price: Cdn$62.38
Product ID: 576
SONAX Profiline Perfect Finish 4/6 (1L)

Price: Cdn$103.95
Product ID: 589
SONAX Pump Vaporizer (Acids/Alkalines) (1500ml)

Price: Cdn$48.58

Product ID: 590
SONAX Pump Vaporizer (Solvents) (1.5L)

Price: Cdn$48.58
Product ID: 591
SONAX Synthetic Chamois

Price: Cdn$14.68
Product ID: 527
Sonax Textile & Leather Brush

Price: Cdn$14.99

Product ID: 557
SONAX Tire Gloss Gel (500ml)

Price: Cdn$25.98
Product ID: 559bonus
SONAX Wheel Cleaner (2 pack) w/free bonus 2 in 1 shampoo

List Price: Cdn$63.25
Price: Cdn$47.17
Product ID: 5595L-2
SONAX Wheel Cleaner Full Effect (2 pack) (5 litres)

List Price: Cdn$259.88
Price: Cdn$277.33

Product ID: 5595L
SONAX Wheel Cleaner Full Effect (5 litres)

Price: Cdn$129.94
Product ID: 559500-5
SONAX Wheel Cleaner Full Effect (5 Pack)  (500ml)

List Price: Cdn$101.65
Price: Cdn$108.47

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