Let those fine line and colors of your exterior stand out and get attention. The too deserve the respect of the finest products available. If exterior trim is not protected it will soon fade to a dull boring finish.

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Product ID: 1562
3D Products HD Dress W/Sprayer (16oz)

Price: Cdn$15.07
Product ID: 3024
Black Wow Pre-Wow Trim Detailing brush

Price: Cdn$6.50
Product ID: 302716
Black Wow Professional Trim Restorer (16oz)

Price: Cdn$105.51

Product ID: 30271
Black Wow Professional Trim Restorer (1oz)

Price: Cdn$15.08
Product ID: 540850
CarPro PERL Coat Plastic & Rubber Protectant (50ml)

Price: Cdn$12.06
Product ID: 3560
Carworx Refinish Restorer (16oz)

Price: Cdn$65.53

Product ID: 4278
Griot's Garage Headlight Restoration Kit

Price: Cdn$45.22
Product ID: 4109
Griot's Garage Plastic Cleaner w/sprayer (8oz)

Price: Cdn$10.56
Product ID: 4110
Griot's Garage Plastic Polish (8oz)

Price: Cdn$15.08

Product ID: 4027128
Kleenzit APC (128oz) 25% Off

List Price: Cdn$50.05
Price: Cdn$37.50
Product ID: 402732
Kleenzit APC (32oz)

Price: Cdn$21.48
Product ID: 1657
Optimum Opti-Lens Permanent Headlight Coating (10cc)

Price: Cdn$91.74

Product ID: 1833
Poorboy's Trim Restore (16oz)

Price: Cdn$24.12
Product ID: 3244
Stoner Trim Shine (12oz)

Price: Cdn$9.16
Product ID: 3239
Stoner Trim Shine Wipes

Price: Cdn$9.27

Product ID: 223116
Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant (16oz)

Price: Cdn$75.37
Product ID: 22314
Wolfgang Exterior Trim Sealant (4oz)

Price: Cdn$30.14
Product ID: 2215
Wolfgang Plastik Lens Cleaning System

Price: Cdn$91.74

Product ID: 2230
Wolfgang Plastik Surface Sealant (8oz)

Price: Cdn$30.14