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LANGKA Corp. core business is developing Paint Chip repair products and other car paint care products, including Scratch repair for the auto enthusiast.

LANGKA was started in 1996 at the request of the largest USA automotive paint touch up company to develop a "wipe on-wipe off" process for their touch up paints. LANGKA continues as a developer and marketer for automotive niche products for the auto enthusiast.


The two most common questions we get asked are:

  1. How did this process and product get developed?
  2. Where can I buy this stuff locally? (only on the internet at this time...or call us at 800-945-4532).

The LANGKA PROCESS is the same process used in a $2 Billion industry. Since over 18,000,000 vehicles have been repaired commercially, we spun off the technology from my other company, and repackaged it for YOUR use. Let me explain.

Professional Automotive Paint Chip Repair (PCR) is a $2 Billion commercial industry, introduced in 1989 by our parent corporation, IMAC®. Approximately, 18,000,000+ vehicles have been repaired to date. IMAC® sells this technology of proprietary paints, chemicals and process directly to operators, and in some cases, private label the technology for our distributors worldwide. Today, PCR is performed by professional operators primarily on auto dealership as a mobile service.

LANGKA™ was developed by the same research team at IMAC® but is designed to be used with manufacturers touch up paint (these are superior paints for touch up repair work and are readily available to YOU at your auto dealership or local auto parts stores. IMAC® paints are not available to the general public and very expensive). The do-it-yourself LANGKA PROCESS. provides the same excellent repair that is performed by IMAC® professional operators daily in USA, Canada, Mexico, S. America, Europe, Russia, Middle East, S. Africa, India, Asia and Australia. LANGKA Corp. is the only company in the world who has developed a chemical process that is user-friendly, a unique formula blend (LANGKA™) and process (LANGKA PROCESS.) that is safe to use on your vehicle.

The PCR industry began because I, like many owners, was completely dissatisfied with the results of using manufacturers touch up paint when repairing paint chips. (I'm referring to those touch up paints that cost $4 to $5 and leaves a blob of paint on the surface when dried). For those of you who have used these paints, you know what I am referring to. Simply stated, a "blob" of touch up paint on a "chip" or "scratch" doesn't cut it on a $40,000 + vehicle. Maybe when cars cost $2,000 or less, but not this day and age. We did a survey years ago. It was determined that paint chips and scratches are the MOST common and UNIVERSAL problem ALL car owners experience worldwide. Period! And to fix these extremely unsightly " blemishes", automotive paint manufacturers only solution is a cheezy bottle of gooey paint that leaves "blobs" of dried paint on the surface when dried. For most, the family vehicle is the 2nd largest investment or expense the average household has. It was hard for me to imagine why manufacturers of touch up paint fell asleep on this major complaint by the general public. No wonder their sells have steadily gone down as vehicle cost are increasing and consumers are more discerning. A better, simple to do and faster process needed to be developed.

Sensing a great business opportunity and market niche, IMAC® developed the proprietary chemicals and process to address this "blob" issue with regards to touch up repair work on dealership car lots. Using an airbrush to apply IMAC® proprietary and very fast drying paints (not the gooey stuff referred to above), operators could then quickly remove the excess paint leaving only the chip/scratch painted to match the car. No excess paint on the surface, no blobs of paint, no damage to the original surface. All this is done in 15-30 minutes. From this success, the industry of providing PCR service to auto dealership was born. Auto dealerships fell in love with this repair service and today is in full demand for one major reason (I'll explain later, but you probably already know why).

Today, the PCR industry flourishes. Literally, in every major community in the USA and rapidly spreading through out the world, this repair service is provided DAILY on auto dealerships facilities. Individuals seeking a business opportunity purchase the technology from my company, IMAC.. It is a great market niche company. But this is what you need to understand.

LANGKA™ itself was actually developed in 1995 at the suggestion of the largest manufacturer of touch up paints. Get this: seems as though they liked the IMAC PROCESS® and technology so much, they came to me and asked if I could develop a chemical process for their touch up paints. It required "tweeking" our chemistry, but using the same proven process.

WHY WAS LANKGA. DEVELOPED? As I mentioned earlier, ultimately it was developed for YOU. IMAC® has proven on auto dealerships worldwide that this repair process (1) increased the appearance immediately, (2) prevented further damage by filling the exposed area AND (3) increased the resale value of the vehicle. And LANGKA™ will do the same for you! (actually, the LANGKA PROCESS™ does an even better job in repairing paint chips than the IMAC process... and the IMAC® process is superb!).

But here is the real bonus! Your vehicle will seem to "run" better. (Well, I always "think" my car runs better when it looks its best). You'll feel better about driving it! Haven't you also sensed that when you wash and wax your car, it drives better? Well, try fixing the chips! Talk about "feeling good"! Here is my point. It seems as though ones pride of ownership is enhanced. In fact, most customers tell us something like this... "When my car looks it best, I feel better. And fixing the chips is now the best thing I could have done to make it look so much better". So, get ready, because with the LANGKA PROCESS, fixing the chips/scratches is really simple to do. (click here to see a 11 year old girl repairing a $40,000 Lexus), you'll be using LANGKA™ just to recapture that feeling of pride. The increased resale value is just the icing on the cake. You'll be telling everyone to check out your car and like most of our customers, you'll tell a bunch of your friends.

And for those of you who fix your chips the "old way"... you are really going to like LANGKA™. Some of you die-hards may think this is snake oil, but many a die-hard such as D. Etter will tell you differently. Mr. Etter has a few Porches and BMW's and has tried many products and spends "too much time fixing chips". Like he said "I got my life back for one thing!" Check out his and other serious car enthusiast remarks and photos of their vehicles.

SO, WHY DO DEALERSHIPS LOVE THIS PCR TECHNOLOGY? For one reason. Can you guess? Right again! They make a bunch more MONEY when the chips are repaired by our operators because they look better. Duh! Therefore, they SELL QUICKER!! (higher turnover...ask any dealership what the relationship is between their vehicle turnover rate to their cash flow). So, doesn't it make sense that if auto dealerships use our commercial repair process to make more money, then you should do this repair before you trade in your vehicle. As most of you know, until the LANGKA PROCESS was developed, doing chip/scratch repair work is a major task with a high degree of risk of doing further damage (it is a nightmare process).

AUTO DEALERSHIPS ARE BEST KNOWN FOR THIS As we all know, auto dealerships are experts at buying low (your vehicle) and selling high (to the next purchaser). But you have to remember, everything is working in their favor when you show up on the lot. Once they know you want a "new or newer model" vehicle, they begin the process (showing you the newer car you want while deflating the value of your trade in vehicle). They pick at the exterior appearance, the interior condition, mileage, etc. Once they purchase your vehicle for the lowest price, they then renovate the vehicle (something you should have done before you traded it in). The most demanded renovation repair by dealerships is PCR. WHY? Because the repair dramatically improves the overall appearance immediately. And appearance sells! These car dealerships are smart when it comes to making money.

But now you can repair those chips/scratches quickly, easily restoring the overall appearance of your vehicle while protecting it from further damage. Plus, feel better when driving it and get more MONEY when you trade it in. Cool, huh?

SO, WHY SHOULD YOU BUY The Blob Eliminator® ?

  • Because it works! Check out the testimonials coming in from around the world.
  • It's proven! The auto industry is hooked on the repair. Our vendors do very well in this business. If your looking for a business opportunity, check out IMAC®!
  • It's GUARANTEED. That should be comforting.
  • It really is simple to use! A "no-brainer". (View the video clip of my 11 year old repairing a $40,000 Lexus). As we say, "even a child can do this!"
  • It's fast! Just apply the paint, let it dry for about 2hrs up to 4 days (go have lunch!), then complete the LANGKA PROCESS in about 15-30 seconds of light rubbing to smooth off the "blob". See our full graphics of this process.
  • NO wet sanding, NO buffing, NO delays. Fix these damaged areas quickly.
  • MORE IMPORTANTLY, you can keep your car looking its best (pride of ownership is enhanced, people notice you more, you feel more important, you walk a little taller, etc).
  • MAKE MORE BUCKS when you trade it in. 18,000,000+ vehicles have proven this fact.
  • PROVE IT TO YOURSELF! You'll be glad you did!

We look forward to handling your order in a prompt manner and in hearing back from you as so many others. Remember, those chips/scratches are not going to just go away. So order the stuff and get going! Warmest regards to you,
By: Larry Johnson,
President: LANGKA Corp
President: IMAC

PS. The answer to the 2nd question is this. You can't buy it in retail stores! LANGKA is only available at this time on the Internet. The e-commerce thing. And if you don't want to order from our secure site, call us at 800-945-4532.

PSS. Another popular question we get is this. What's Mr. Johnson's background? Let's see, Physiologist, Pharmacist, Stock Broker, Paint Chip Technology developer, in sequence of events. Married (28yrs), wife, kids, dogs, cats. Snow Ski, Swim, Mountain Bike, white-water Kayak.

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