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Victoria Wax

    A Small and Personal Company
    A cottage industry company that develops and markets an ever growing line of high-end products to the not-so-average owners of fine automobiles, trucks and recreational vehicles of all kinds. Victoria Wax also caters to the professional detailers, new car dealerships, speed shops and accessory stores. Our business is built around premium paste wax formulas that are hand crafted in small quantities by ourselves. Victoria Wax enjoys the genuineness of good old fashion products and ideas that are out performing the ever growing hi-tech competition. Our goal is to make good waxes and related compatible car care products. We are not market oriented or strategy geniuses, all we want to do is keep it simple and supply good products to those few special true enthusiasts that can tell the difference. Products manufactured or imported range from high foaming soap, non-abrasive cleansers, smoothing claybars, quick detailing sprays, specialty cotton towels, applicators and the thick paste waxes that started it all.

    Background of Victoria Wax
    Victoria Wax started out as a hobby, wanting to experiment with the natural raw materials of waxes and cleansers used in the 1920's and 30's. That was a time of some of the greatest automobile embellishments of coach building ever seen in the twentieth century, rightfully received as a status symbol similar to that of exotic cars enjoy today. Rolling art, not practicable by today's standards, but never the less gorgeous to the eye. In our research at the Public Library and by special order, we obtained many of the out of print formulary workbooks on industrial and commercial waxes of every recorded type. We recreated those formulas that incorporated all the hardy natural waxes and other specialty ingredients used in that time period. A time when there was no silicones or polymers to confuse the issues. While collecting the raw materials to produce each of the formulas, we had to make immediate substitutions of some of the original carrier solvents and a few other nasty surfactants which could not be trusted for consistency in the formulas or its human and environment compliant issues. We looked to the cosmetic and textile industry for answers and substitutions. We found with the substitutions we could use less of a gentler solvent carrier, which allowed us to increase the wax content and provided a sharper and deeper illusion of clarity to all types of paintwork and especially the newer high-tech clear coats. The raw materials came from Germany, Brazil and United States. From there we worked on the materials to increase the melting point, enhance ultraviolet protection and dwindled the static build-up, all done without sacrificing any of the great characteristics of the final appearance. With the higher wax content used and the final look preserved, an easier application and buffing technique was needed. That dilemma was solved by applying the wax with the bare hands, using the warmth of the hands to spread and massage in a very thin coating of wax. Applying to small sections and massaging in the wax started the bonding process quicker with an instant layer of protection, the bare hands acted as the first catalysis of bonding to the surface. And eventually to a full curing by exposure to the air. A special note, the wax spread easier, smoother and farther than we had ever expected, compared to all others, meaning so very little of the wax is needed. No fillers or abrasives are used in the formulas allowing for just one small container to give many years of waxing pleasure and true immediate gratification to any car enthusiast.

    Making of a Good Wax
    In Canada and the United States at every major library you can find a selection of Formulary books. The best is H. Bennett Formulary series. They cover 90 years of making all kinds of things from ski wax to shoe polish and lipstick to hair shampoo. In that series of books you can find the formulas that we based 4 of our original products on. That series of books is the best information anyone could ever get about chemicals and how to use them to achieve a great product.

    Victoria Wax and the Industry
    Victoria Wax started the research into waxes for cars many years ago and after a few years of formulating and testing the product was ready for sale. Now we can say with all honesty and with any hype aside that many well experienced people in the vehicle care industry believe firmly there is no product on the market that equals what Victoria Wax has developed. The use of real wax as the base in all our formulas is the winning combination.

    Our First Look into Wax Research
    It took us to the 1920's and 30’s, which was the last time large quantities of real waxes were used in formulas. Next came the 40's and 50's with crude silicones and cruder polymers beginning to appear in our research of formulas. Then the 60's thru 90's marketing took over and it had nothing to do with the truth or what was really in the products. At that time there was nothing more discerning to a car enthusiast who had faithfully used a product for many years and then an old friend makes a comment about the finish not looking as good as it use to. 'Not all waxes or car care products are created equal' The company, Victoria Wax, is a diligent business only known by a few for their ability to find and develop some of the best car care products in the world. Our waxes originated from pre-silicone/polymer formulas, everything that we do is based on formulas used successfully for many years in the 1920's and 30's. Which consisted of the hardiest natural, vegetable/mineral and bee waxes. We do not try to mislead the customers with special or all natural ingredients that are not incorporated in the formulas. What we offer is real wax formulas and the best procedures to unlock the secrets of perfecting a gorgeous spectacular looking vehicle. Put more simply, Victoria Wax products should only be used if proper car care techniques are maintained and the owner, of the vehicle, has a genuine interest to detailing to perfection. Anything less, and the vehicle is just a piece of transportation that good products would be an exhausting waste of a person’s time and money with the end result being a disheartening failure.

    The Car Care Industry is Huge
    In contrast, for more than 35 years every car care company in the world, especially North America, has been chasing the huge car care consumer with offerings of 'easy on easy off' products. There are many 10's of thousands of companies involved in the car care industry with many, more that number, of different products. Competition between all the companies is fieriest and acted out like a diabolical war. Victoria Wax put this phenomenon out of their mind and for many years concentrated solely on finely tuning the rare 1920's and 30's wax formulas and procedures. And some very special customers think the task has been accomplished with reasonable success. During the research and development, Victoria Wax's main objective was to keep the much touted qualities of clarity, depth and crystalline of the finished look on the surface, And that could only be accomplished with a true blend of the different great waxes. In the industry, that particular look is elusive, but our customers have grown to think of it as a routine and a normal occurrence.

    Final Words
    Over the years, Victoria Wax has changed very little other than a hobby gone out of control for six months of the year. Many of our customers have been with us since 'day one' of Victoria Wax. In our original testing of products we worked closely with many demanding car club members, since then they have become our biggest supporters and fans. Victoria Wax is now to the point that sales are increasing dramatically each year. To our best guess, about 500 new customers get introduced to Victoria Wax products each year. Our growth is unique because it has been accomplished without costly advertising, time consuming sales calls or the giving away of free samples. Basically, it has all come from word of mouth passed on by creditable people who have nothing to gain except the enjoyment and gratification of using Victoria Wax products.

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