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Product ID: 3028
Black Wow Professional Trim Restorer (16oz) 20% Off

List Price: Cdn$80.50
Price: Cdn$64.40
Product ID: 5415
CarPro Wool Wash Mitt 25% Off

List Price: Cdn$26.45
Price: Cdn$19.84
Product ID: 3030-3
Clean Wheel Nut and Cavity Cleaner plus 3 inserts 25% Off

List Price: Cdn$10.99
Price: Cdn$8.24

Product ID: 2910D
Clearance - GOCLEAN Waterless Wash (32oz) 50% Off

List Price: Cdn$13.99
Price: Cdn$6.99
Product ID: 2104D
Clearance Victoria Deep Cleanse (16oz) 50% Off

List Price: Cdn$26.95
Price: Cdn$13.48
Product ID: 2113D
Clearance Victoria Lite Cleanse Wax (16oz) 50% Off

List Price: Cdn$26.95
Price: Cdn$13.47

Product ID: 2111D
Clearance Victoria Mayhem Wax (3oz) 50% Off

List Price: Cdn$22.15
Price: Cdn$11.00
Product ID: 6001D
Clearance Whoosh Microfiber Renew (32oz)  50% Off

List Price: Cdn$16.99
Price: Cdn$8.49
Product ID: 6000D
Clearance Whoosh Waterless Wash and Detailer (32oz) 50% Off

List Price: Cdn$17.99
Price: Cdn$8.99

Product ID: 2518
Duragloss #461 UO (Ultimate Orange) w/sprayer (32oz) 25% Off

List Price: Cdn$10.35
Price: Cdn$7.76
Product ID: 3135
Lexol Neatsfoot Leather Dressing (16.9oz) 25% Off

List Price: Cdn$11.50
Price: Cdn$8.62
Product ID: 1858
Poorboy's QD+ (Quick Detailer Plus) w/sprayer (32oz) 25% Off

List Price: Cdn$22.99
Price: Cdn$17.24

Product ID: 4005
Riccardo Foam Cannon 20% Off

List Price: Cdn$99.99
Price: Cdn$79.99
Product ID: 459
The Ol School Drying Towel (19x19) Buy One - Get One Free!

List Price: Cdn$8.99
Price: Cdn$8.99