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Product ID: 108
1Z Einszett Perls Shampoo Premium Car Wash (16.9oz) 25% Off

List Price: Cdn$11.50
Price: Cdn$8.61
Product ID: 701
Busch Aluminum Polish "Super Shine" (16oz) 25% Off

List Price: Cdn$18.40
Price: Cdn$13.80
Product ID: 1001
Collinite Super Doublecoat Auto Wax #476 (9oz) 25% Off

List Price: Cdn$20.70
Price: Cdn$15.52

Product ID: 2503
Duragloss #104 Duragloss PW (Paste Wax) (11oz) 25% Off

List Price: Cdn$11.50
Price: Cdn$8.62
Product ID: 2526
Duragloss #681 PLP (Plastic Lens Polish) (8oz) 25% Off

List Price: Cdn$10.35
Price: Cdn$7.75
Product ID: 4115
Griot's Garage Car Wash (16oz) 25% Off

Price: Cdn$7.76

Product ID: 1211
Snappy Clean Foam Pad Cleaner (3pk) 30% Off

List Price: Cdn$4.99
Price: Cdn$3.49
Product ID: 574
SONAX ActiveShampoo 2 in 1 (1000ml) 25% Off

List Price: Cdn$19.99
Price: Cdn$14.99
Product ID: 3320
Sprayway Glass Cleaner Aerosol (19oz) 25% Off

List Price: Cdn$4.99
Price: Cdn$3.74