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Product ID: 574-3
(3 PACK) SONAX 2-In-1 Car Shampoo (1000ml)

Price: Cdn$22.95
Product ID: 500128
Amazing Roll Off (128oz) 50% Off

List Price: Cdn$45.19
Price: Cdn$22.60
Product ID: 50032
Amazing Roll Off w/sprayer (32oz) 30% Off

List Price: Cdn$20.33
Price: Cdn$14.23

Product ID: 465
Casper The Friendly Microfiber Towel

List Price: Cdn$9.99
Price: Cdn$7.50
Product ID: 815128
Chemical Guys Maxi-Suds II Car Wash Shampoo (128oz) 15% Off

List Price: Cdn$33.89
Price: Cdn$28.80
Product ID: 2539
CLEARANCE 50% Off Duragloss #106  TPP (Total Performance Polish) (128oz)

List Price: Cdn$87.00
Price: Cdn$43.50

Product ID: 2543
CLEARANCE 50% Off Duragloss #521, Marine & RV Detail Spray w/sprayer (22oz)

List Price: Cdn$10.40
Price: Cdn$5.20
Product ID: 2546
CLEARANCE 50% Off Duragloss #551, Marine & RV Aluminum Cleaner w/sprayer (22oz)

List Price: Cdn$13.00
Price: Cdn$6.50
Product ID: 2548
CLEARANCE 50% Off Duragloss #591, Marine/RV Wash Concentrate (32oz)

List Price: Cdn$16.89
Price: Cdn$8.44

Product ID: 2540
CLEARANCE 50% Off Duragloss #603 PBA (Polish Bonding Agent) (128oz)

List Price: Cdn$70.84
Price: Cdn$35.00
Product ID: 2552
CLEARANCE 50% Off Duragloss #832 MCB (Metal Cleaner & Brightener) (128oz)

List Price: Cdn$34.83
Price: Cdn$17.41
Product ID: 110832
Detailer's Pride High Performance Glass Restorer (32oz) 25% Off

List Price: Cdn$32.76
Price: Cdn$24.57

Product ID: 300016
Empty Detailing Bottle W/Sprayer (16oz) 30% Off

List Price: Cdn$2.82
Price: Cdn$1.97
Product ID: USB
eShine.ca Car USB Charger - 50% Off

List Price: Cdn$11.29
Price: Cdn$5.64
Product ID: 4259
Griot's Garage Tim's Dirty Spots Micro Fiber Wipe Down Towel  20% Off

List Price: Cdn$10.40
Price: Cdn$8.32

Product ID: 1642
Optimum GPS - Glaze Polish Sealant (18oz)  25% Off

List Price: Cdn$23.39
Price: Cdn$17.54
Product ID: 194632
Pinnacle Liquid Crystal Waterless Wash W/Carnauba (32oz) 25% Off

List Price: Cdn$25.98
Price: Cdn$19.49
Product ID: 566
SONAX Profiline Fine Abrasive Paste 5/4 (1L) 30% Off

List Price: Cdn$62.38
Price: Cdn$43.67

Product ID: 3235
Stoner Wheel Cleaner (16oz) 25% Off

List Price: Cdn$12.00
Price: Cdn$9.00
Product ID: 453
The Cookie Monster Microfiber Towel V2.0

List Price: Cdn$7.79
Price: Cdn$5.42
Product ID: 451
The Dehydrator Drying Towel MINI V2.0

List Price: Cdn$7.77
Price: Cdn$5.44

Product ID: 458
The Dehydrator Drying Towel V2.0

List Price: Cdn$18.25
Price: Cdn$12.77
Product ID: 452
The El Cheapo Microfiber Buffing Towel

List Price: Cdn$6.44
Price: Cdn$4.50
Product ID: 454
The Thief Glass Towel

List Price: Cdn$6.10
Price: Cdn$4.24

Product ID: 457
The Thief XXX Glass Towel

List Price: Cdn$8.46
Price: Cdn$5.92
Product ID: 455
The Tornado Buffing Towel

List Price: Cdn$5.63
Price: Cdn$4.23
Product ID: 6004-3
Whoosh General Purpose Microfiber Towel (3 pack)

List Price: Cdn$11.29
Price: Cdn$8.46

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