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Riccardo Yellow Detailing Clay (Medium) (8oz)
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Riccardo Yellow Detailing Clay (Medium) (8oz)

NEW HUGE SIZE, 8oz (240 grams!)

Riccardo Clay is a premium Medium grade Claybar that will effectively remove contaminants without harming your paints surface.
Riccardo Clay's unique Polyelastic formula sets this clay apart from other clays; It is very flexible and will not crumble! Comes with a Plastic clam shell case for storage. Works great with any clay lube!

See our article of Detailing Clays! 

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Good for Light Duty

PMB - 27th May 2014

When they say 'Mild' they mean it. This clay bar is to get rid of that gritty feeling to the paint. The particles too small to see by the naked eye embedded in the paint. If you have a lot of 'rail dust', you'll want the Riccardo BLUE.

Incredible Product

Jim P. - Mississauga - 15th March 2013

My 2 year old white truck was covered in little rust spots. I contacted eShine, and was shown the way by the staff. It took me an entire weekend to remove it all and wax it- and I have never seen the truck look better. Forever in your debt for the help, a...

Famous Clay

Dean Grant - 30th March 2012

This clay is one of the best products eShine carries. 8oz for $20 is a great price. Nothing else comes close.

Best clay out there for the money!

Jean-Francois Cyr - 14th June 2011

This stuff rocks! used this on at least 10 cars, and still amazed at how cheap it is compared to others I used in the past!

Best clay i've used

Zach - 23rd November 2010

I was hesitant buying this clay, but I've gone through 8oz now and absolutely love it! It's the best clay I've ever used. Highly recommend!

Excellent Claybar

S.D. (Montreal, Can) - 12th October 2009

Excellent Mild Clay bar, very good value, alot of product for the money, you should be able to easily do-5-6 cars with. Way cheaper and better quality the the Mothers or Meguiar packages. Recommeded highly.

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