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Snappy Clean Foam Pad Cleaner (3pk)
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Snappy Clean Foam Pad Cleaner (3pk)

Keep pads clean, soft, and supple with this fast cleaning powder.

Cleaning used polishing pads can be tricky, especially if they are caked with a hard wax. Wool pads lose their plush texture and foam pads become hard if pads are not thoroughly cleaned. Now Lake Country has introduced Snappy Clean, a concentrated cleaner that releases wax and polish from the foam or wool fibers with just a few minutes of soaking.

Snappy Clean (By Lake Country)  is a powder that dissolves in 3-4 gallons of water – plenty of solution to clean several pads. Just drop your used buffing pads in the mixture and agitate the pads. You may want to wear gloves since the directions caution against getting the cleaner on your skin. Wait up to 15 minutes, depending on how saturated the pads are with product. Rinse out pads with clean water and lay them out to dry. For faster drying, you can put them on your buffer and spin them dry. You may still need to lay them out to totally dry.

Snappy Clean is bio-degradable and non-flammable. While it is environmentally safe, it is a citrus cleaner and will therefore possibly irritate your skin with prolonged exposure. Due to its powerful cleaning properties, wear old clothes when cleaning your buffing pads.

Wash your pads immediately for easiest cleaning. Snappy Clean will remove caked on product so your buffing pads will be ready the next time you detail your vehicle.

Don’t replace buffing pads every time they get caked with wax and polish. Clean them with Snappy Clean and they’ll be as good as new.
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Great cleaning mix, should be used with Pad Conditioning Brush

Elton Fernandez - 29th March 2013

Picked up Snappy Pad cleaner, found it to be OKAY, until I realized I really had to use a Pad Conditioning Brush for it to take real effect and completely restore the pad to an "Almost new" form. I only use it once a year, maybe twice, so the value is pre...

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