From: "Jngrbrdman" on

I saw this truck in the parking lot at work and I had to do it. I left a card under his windshield wiper and told him that I could make his truck red again. I'll let the pictures do the talking for me. Sorry if they are a little out of focus. I think my batteries were dying or something. They actually look more clear on the originals. They lost something when I uploaded them I guess.




From Justin Lee

"Ok, so my buddy Chris  is always trying to push this Klasse wax stuff on me and I'm all like no no no, figured it's just some other wax. I've always used mothers even tried Meguiar's cause everyone's all "Meguiar's is the sh*t" and all that.
So anyway he was over today and pulled some out of his truck and wanted to show me it work cause I'm so skeptical. So I finally said ok, told him to do a spot on my old work beater a 93 Buick Regal GranSport. It's dark blue metallic and faded and scratched up real bad. It looks like someone washed it with an SOS pad! Anyway, he looks as it and goes 'it won't work on that...this paint is shot'. I laugh but tell him to go ahead and impress me. So he tries it, and ends up impressing himself as well as me. It took out the scratches and swirl marks like you wouldn't believe! It made the paint look like it looks when it's wet. I was thoroughly impressed.
But wait he says, that was just the all in one...let me try the sealer and glaze on it too.
So he kinda suckered me into buying a kit cause now I've got this stupid obvious spot on my hood that I just can't hide. It's the only super shiny spot on the car now...and it bead water off it like crazy, so I know it won't get dirty again like the rest of the car.

Klasse is amazing stuff. I was really impressed, and I'm not easily impressed. The paint even feels so glass, but smoother...maybe due to the acrylic in it? But it's awesome stuff. You can even use it on glass!

N E Way, just gotta give my recommendation on Klasse and

I'll try and get a picture tomorrow when it's light's amazing.

*NOTE, this car was done by hand, no machine used!



From Simon Jagassar

Hi Chris, Thanks for the Sonus..I haven't had a chance to apply it yet, as my Klasse has just been put on last night.  I'll get to it next week when I need a quick Q&D during the work week. I have just removed my 6 miles of zaino on my finish for Klasse AIO and SG and I'm convinced Klasse leaves a much "wetter" looking finish. I'm am very impressed and very happy I've chosen Klasse as I'm a a detailer who prefers a "wet looking" finish over a "shiny" one.  I'm a long time Zaino user, but am "aw" struck over Klasse.   I applied AIO and even with that alone my finish appeared wet, but then one coat of SG made it "wow !"  looking !   I have my 2nd coat of SG curing at the moment..  Just wanted to send you this email and 3 photos as attachments to show you..  I think my s2000 club of toronto will see my work, and there will be orders going your way.   I'm playing the role of devil's advocate in that,  I'm attending a Zaino Detail Day next week and my car will be the only with "removed Zaino" for Klasse.. oh well..  IMO, Zaino's been " Out Klasse'd"...