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The Dehydrator Drying Towel V2.0
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The Dehydrator Drying Towel V2.0





 PLEASE NOTE: These towels are currently WHITE in color. White drying towels are great for exposing how dirty the towel is!

Version 2.0!  20"x40" Larger Waffles combines with micro terry make this our best drying towel yet!  Softer to the touch!  More Drying Power!  Our
 Dehydrator Waffle Weave Drying towel will suck your vehicle dry, not your wallet! Absorbing over 3x the amount of most Terry towels! These top quality Korean made Waffle Weave drying Towels have a 70/30 blend of the softest microfiber. Their tagless design eliminates the possibility of tag scuffing keeping your finish swirl free.



Price: Cdn$16.15


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Washing Instructions?

Keith R. Stewart - 16th October 2014

Great drying towel, but what are the washing/drying instructions for this product? I do not see any on the site.


François Laflamme - 30th March 2014

This is by far the best drying towel i ever use. I use a lot of different models through the years and this one is the very best. I always hate to dry the car and with this 1 pass and it's all dry. It covers a full car and leave no trace at all. Excellent...

Great towel

Trevor Figueira - 10th March 2014

This is my first real Drying Towel, and what i can say is that it works, suck's up lots of water, without leaving marks. Would buy again.

Best towel to dry a car

Jacques Forcier - 13th December 2013

I bought one after reading the other comments. After trying it, I can say I should have ordered two! It's the best towel I've ever tried. Its size makes it very fast to dry an entire car, you're gonna save time. I never thought drying a car could be done ...


dark - 22nd May 2013

Great towel, just one easily dries my entire 260z. Worth every penny!

Tagless, safe, waffle weave! Great Drying Towel

Elton Fernandez - 29th March 2013

Highly absorbent, best time to buy is during the BOGO.
Any other towel, it would take 3-4, this is about 1-2 full towels I use to wipe down my entire Mustang.
Completely safe for paint and tagless too. Huge in size, so you can continue to dry up the rid...

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