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Victoria Concours Red Carnauba Wax (6 oz)
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Victoria Concours Red Carnauba Wax (6 oz)

There are not many waxes especially at this price point that come any where near close to the levels of finish achieved by this wax.

Originally, Concours Red Wax was developed for use in competitions. This wax has one of the highest amounts of real wax content used in the industry and is absolutely stunning on black, deep red and darker paintwork. With time and Patience Concours Red Wax will please you. Concours Red Wax is only to be use on new or well prepped finishes. Anything else and it will be a waste of time and wax.

From our extensive testing, we have found not only does this wax look fantastic but is also offers very good protection. Durability of this wax has amazed us with one application lasting well over two months. Of course the more times this product is used the richer and deeper the levels of finish can be achieved.

Apply Concours Red Wax to a clean, dry, cool surface using bare hands or a foam applicator, work-in and spread thinly. Allow wax to come to a haze (1 to 2 minutes) and buff to a deep rich finish. Follow with a second and third coat for even a more gorgeous look. For maximum protection keep 2, 3, or more coats of wax on the finish at all times.

Concours Red Wax is an exotic blend of large amounts of pure Carnauba and other waxes with a small amount of natural oils and one of the world's safest solvents.

  • Carnauba Based
  • Last Step Product (LSP)
  • Outstanding Depth
  • Easy On / Easy Off
  • Exotic or Classic car Finishes
  • Import or Demestic Clear Coat or Solid
  • Only for new or well maintained finishes
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Great product

Sightseeker - 30th October 2011

I highly recomend this wax..I used it on a 2010 red challanger . It was used after clay bar treatment followed by the kleese products.Those products left a really great finish on the paint that got lots of comments. However i wanted more , so after talkin...

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