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    Applying a Ceramic Coating

    What is a Ceramic Coating? A ceramic coating is a newer technology that creates a semi-permanent coating.  They are very thin, and only a small amount is needed.  Most ceramic coatings will last from 1-3 years, depending on maintenance and...

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    Is silicone bad? What is silicone?

    The Role Silicone Plays in Car Care Products           By Mike Phillips (Autogeek.net) One of the most frequent comments I hear when I go to car club meetings and events is that silicone is bad for your car. It's a...

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    Car Care Terminology for the Beginner.

    Just starting out in the detailing community?  Do you feel that Canadian Tire and Walmart do not have the selection or expertise that you want/need to protect and maintain your paint? Perfect.  You find a great website, watch a few...

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