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    Car Care Terminology for the Beginner.

    Just starting out in the detailing community?  Do you feel that Canadian Tire and Walmart do not have the selection or expertise that you want/need to protect and maintain your paint? Perfect.  You find a great website, watch a few...

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    Pad Selection

    Please refer to the chart below to help with the selection of our Lake Country Pads.  These choices apply to both the CCS and Flat pads in 4",  5.5", and 6.5".   Yellow Cutting Foam - Use this pad to...

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    How DO I Wash My Car?

    Many of us enjoy the benefits of a freshly hand washed car. However, without proper knowledge you may be doing more harm than good. Washing a car improperly will induce micro-marring known as swirls or spider-webbing. The cause of this...

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