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    Maintaining a Ceramic Coating

    You decided to use a ceramic coating, now you want to keep the best shine, and get the longest life possible. Ceramic coatings offer a unique protection, and are a great choice when protecting your surfaces. You can extend the...

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    Applying a Ceramic Coating

    What is a Ceramic Coating? A ceramic coating is a newer technology that creates a semi-permanent coating.  They are very thin, and only a small amount is needed.  Most ceramic coatings will last from 1-3 years, depending on maintenance and...

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    Is silicone bad? What is silicone?

    The Role Silicone Plays in Car Care Products           By Mike Phillips (Autogeek.net) One of the most frequent comments I hear when I go to car club meetings and events is that silicone is bad for your car. It's a...

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