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    Defelsko Gauges

    Defelsko Gauges


    DeFelsko Paint Thickness Guages, DeFelsko produces tools to read the paint thickness on your project giving you a more informed approach before starting a paint correction project, buying a car or performing body work.

    DeFelsko has been making coating thickness gauges and inspection instruments since 1966. DeFelsko is family owned and operated in Northern New York, where they produce state-of-the-art, simple paint thickness gauges for auto and industrial applications. Their ultrasonic detection technology is non-destructive and automatic with accurate, easy-to-read measurements. The DeFelsko PosiTest DFT Combo and PosiTector Electronic Paint Thickness Gauges will help you make informed decisions when buying, repairing, or refinishing a vehicle. Never attend a car auction or body shop without it!

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