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    Magic in a Jar… Wheel Wax is renowned as the apex of wheel cleaning and protecting. Bring back the original radiance of your wheels with this phenomenal product!

    If there is one thing that really stands out for me when I look at a properly detailed car, it has to be the wheels. Wheels should be shiny, well polished and most importantly, clean. All the polish in the world will not work if you have not thoroughly cleaned and protected your road wheels, which is where Wheel Wax comes in. Wheel wax was formulated specifically to tackle cleaning and polishing. Wheel Wax tests all of their products out of their corporate office in Steamboat Springs, CO; the ideal location for extreme conditions. Wheel Wax performs like no other! Your tires will look brand new whether you are driving on windy mountain roads, or along a beachside highway.

    Road wheels are always exposed to the elements. Road salt, brake dust and grime are only a few of the more destructive things that can affect your wheel’s appearance and performance. Without proper protection, you will begin to see waterspots and pitting on the metal, chrome, or aluminum components of the wheel itself. Wheel Wax prevents this from occurring, by disallowing moisture to penetrate its protective wax finish. In one simple step you can remove the environmental contaminants and add a protective layer that will repel moisture and debris.

    Wheel Wax is great for chrome, aluminum, and stainless wheel parts equally. No need to use 2 different products for cleaning and protecting! The entire wheel will look brand new with uniform clarity. Wheel Wax is legendary in the detailing world, in the home, garage, and on the show circuit. It is a powerful 2-in-1 cleaner and protectant that will make your wheel surface smooth and bright, as well as prepped properly for polishing.

    Wheel Wax truly is magic in a jar.
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