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    Air Spencer - Eikosha

    Air Spencer - Eikosha
    Air Spencer - Eikosha Canada

    Air Spencer is a compact and long-lasting air freshener for automobiles. In 1980 a totally new air freshener and deodorizer for use in automobiles was launched for the first time. This brand new product, contained in a sturdy compact and light weight can was the “AIR SPENCER” series. Since then, using our company’s integrated system from the initial marketing stage, through product planning, development, production, promotion, and right up to our after sale service, we have produced a huge range of related products. After over 35 years as a best seller, this product has established its position as leading brand of automobile air freshener in the Japanese domestic market. Utilizing the wealth of knowledge and technological expertise we have cultivated thus far, we pledge to respond to and satisfy the needs of every significant corner of the market.

    Air Spencer air fresheners for automobiles offer different container styles and many air scents to provide you with a large selection of high quality custom options.
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