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    CarPro Canada

    CarPro Canada


    At the heart of CarPro's innovative lineup is Cquartz, a ceramic, hydrophobic coating (think paint sealant but harder and longer lasting) that provides durable, self-cleaning paint protection for up to two years. To prepare the paint for this long-lasting, scratch resistant coating, CarPro also has Iron X and Iron X Soap Gel. These two pH neutral products remove ferrous particles from the paint and stop damage to its sub-layers. Reload Spray Sealant offers long lasting slickness and maintains the gloss of Cquartz.

    For auto interiors, CarPro makes So2Pure, a photo catalyst odor eliminator. It destroys odors on a molecular level. PERL Coat gives all rubber, plastics, vinyl, and leather a durable, protective, satin coating and is also an excellent engine dressing.

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