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    Lake Country

    Lake Country
    Lake Country

    In 1977, Jim Schneider purchased the former Milwaukee Tanning company from the Koenchild family and changed the name to Lake Country Manufacturing. Milwaukee Tanning was established in 1883 by the Koenchild family and manufactured 4 main lines of goods: sheepskin apparel, powder puffs, leather dice cups and sheepskin buffing pads. During the first decade of ownership, Jim slowly sold off the other three portions of the company to focus solely on the automotive buffing industry. We moved into our current manufacturing facility in 1989.

    Over the past 30 plus years Lake Country Manufacturing has grown to offer a full line of professional buffing and polishing products for the automotive, marine, aviation and composite industries. Our products are now offered in over 50 countries worldwide. Along with our focus on product development, Lake Country Manufacturing continues to invest in upgrading and automating our manufacturing operations.

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