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    Winter Tips

    Easily Remove Salt Stains From Paint and Fabric

    Nothing annoys us more than the white, chalky look of salt stains.  Weather on the cars paint, on the cars seats and floors, or our coats and boots.  Salt stains are hard to remove and damaging to everything it touches.  While regular washes can help keep it in check we found the best solution to be  Krown Salt Eliminator.  Originally developed for professional applications on vehicles, this specialty product is being used by auto dealerships, body shops, car washes and automotive detailers from coast to coast. Eliminate salt stains like a pro.  Salt Eliminator dissolves salt on the exterior with an easy rinse.  Salt on Fabrics need a light scrub. 




    Protect Your Rims

    While paint sealant is often recommended for winter protection, often the wheels are not included in the conversation. 

    Why is wheel sealant important?  The paint on your rims is most likely to be exposed to salt and grime.  It is closest to the ground and most vulnerable to the elements.  A good wheel sealant will make it easier to clean the rims, and help prevent damage. 

    Can I use a paint sealant on my wheels?  Yes you can.  A wheel guard, or wheel sealant is the same base as the paint sealant, however the wheel sealant tends to be thicker.  This may not add the oily shine that is aimed for in paint sealant, but does add extra protection for your rims.car detail, car detailing, car detail canada, car detailing canada, car detailing ontario, car detail ottawa, best car detail, car detailing instructions

    Prevent Ice From Building Inside Your Windshield.

    Do you have a hard time seeing through your windshield because of buildup of moisture from the inside?  Often cars collect moisture and the front windshield is foggy, and in the winter icy on the interior.  Are you often wiping down the inside of your windshield in order to see? CarPro Fog Fighting Kit is the answer to the problem.   

    How often do you find yourself wiping down the interior of your windshield with your hands or pulling out of the driveway without being able to see clearly. Avoid foggy glass and mirrors with CarPro Fog Fight! As microscopic beads of water in the air attempt to form on the glass the super hydrophilic Fog Fight forces them not to form beads. Featuring a "below 20 Deg." contact angle it becomes impossible for the moisture to form beads. Tested and proven in lab tests no fog or condensation formed on Fog Fight treated surfaces even over 60 minutes of boiling water.

    Improving Your Visibility

    Winter Tip #1

    Glass Sealants

    The winter roads can be hard to navigate.  Snow, ice, rain, and slat all combine to make visibility an issue on a daily challenge.  A great help to this issue is a glass sealant.  The sealant on the glass will make it easier to remove ice, and allows the water to sheet off the car leaving a clear windshield. It also discourages dirt and bugs from sticking to the windshield.   Several brands now offer high quality glass sealants (click here). IF you do not have the time or ability to apply a full sealant to the car Stoner Washer Fluid Additive is also a great choice.  It will also enhance any sealant that has been previously used on the vehicle. 


    Aquapel, and many other brands also carry glass sealants that will protect for up to 6 months.


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