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    Winter Tips — Rim Protection

    Protect Your Rims

    While paint sealant is often recommended for winter protection, often the wheels are not included in the conversation. 

    Why is wheel sealant important?  The paint on your rims is most likely to be exposed to salt and grime.  It is closest to the ground and most vulnerable to the elements.  A good wheel sealant will make it easier to clean the rims, and help prevent damage. 

    Can I use a paint sealant on my wheels?  Yes you can.  A wheel guard, or wheel sealant is the same base as the paint sealant, however the wheel sealant tends to be thicker.  This may not add the oily shine that is aimed for in paint sealant, but does add extra protection for your rims.car detail, car detailing, car detail canada, car detailing canada, car detailing ontario, car detail ottawa, best car detail, car detailing instructions

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