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    Winter Tips — Preventing Interior Ice

    Prevent Ice From Building Inside Your Windshield.

    Do you have a hard time seeing through your windshield because of buildup of moisture from the inside?  Often cars collect moisture and the front windshield is foggy, and in the winter icy on the interior.  Are you often wiping down the inside of your windshield in order to see? CarPro Fog Fighting Kit is the answer to the problem.   

    How often do you find yourself wiping down the interior of your windshield with your hands or pulling out of the driveway without being able to see clearly. Avoid foggy glass and mirrors with CarPro Fog Fight! As microscopic beads of water in the air attempt to form on the glass the super hydrophilic Fog Fight forces them not to form beads. Featuring a "below 20 Deg." contact angle it becomes impossible for the moisture to form beads. Tested and proven in lab tests no fog or condensation formed on Fog Fight treated surfaces even over 60 minutes of boiling water.

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