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    1Z Nextzett

    1Z Nextzett


    For 80 years, einszett has been committed to providing products that embody quality, performance and value.

    While it's important to maintain heritage, stagnation is not an option in an ever changing world. In the past few years, we have seen tremendous innovation in the very things we have become accustomed to for so many decades. Renewable resources, transportation and alternative energy are just a few examples where innovation has disrupted the status quo. 

    Change is both uncomfortable and exciting but ultimately necessary. It's impossible to move forward if we are not looking ahead. So in the coming year, we close the chapter on one story and open a new chapter with Nextzett.

    To learn what you can expect, you only need to look at our new logo. The blue arrow represents innovation and where we are going “next” while referencing water, the substance which is mixed in with the majority of our products and is our earth's most precious natural resource.

    The "zett" or "Z" is a nod to our heritage and grounds us in our original philosophy. It lets our customers know that we will not waiver from our original mission. The green leaf points towards the ecological and sustainable direction of our brand's philosophy. It represents where we have been and where we must continue to strive towards.

    The brand name might change, but the products you have come to know and rely on will stay true for the very reasons our customers have trusted einszett for so many years. nextzett exists because of the very customers that have supported us over the years and for that reason alone, we make a promise to keep your trust and faithfulness to our brand. 

    We are excited about our new chapter and can't wait to start it with you!