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    Ask Anything — How to Dry Your Car

    How do I dry my car without scratching it?

    You car is clean, shiny, protected, and wet......   Now what?  The most common time for damaging paint is the drying process.   You are taking freshly polished and protected paint, and rubbing it with something that can carry abrasives causing swirls and scratches.  How do you not cause swirl marks?  What exactly are swirl marks?  Chamois, waffle weave, leaf blower?   Lets look at these questions in detail.

    Why is Drying Dangerous?

    It's been said that 95% of swirls are caused by improper drying. What you use to dry your car is very important. The paint is a relatively soft surface that can easily be damaged.  The small scratches, often referred to as swirls or spider webs, are micro scratches in your paint.   Any time a substance is used on the vehicles surface it is important that it is clean and soft.  

    Drying Options

    Waffle Weave Microfiber Towel

    how do I dry my car?  Can I use a leaf Blower?


    Super absorbent.

    Dirt gets caught in the pockets, away from the paint


    Must be cared for properly

    Can get contaminated and scratch the surface

    Waffle weaves are made from a microfiber polyester blend designed for maximum absorption.  They work extremely well.  Often you can dry an entire vehicle without wringing out the towel. Like all microfibre, the waffle weave towel does has specific care instructions.  For a detailed care directions please visit our blog on washing microfibre towels.

    Natural Chamois

     Leather chamois, drying my car, the best chamois

    Pros: highly absorbent, old school feel

    Cons: not uniformly shaped

    may be harder spots where the animal was injured

    Surface must be extremely clean and free of debris


    Natural Chamois' are made from sheep skin.  They are organic and usually quite expensive.  They have a quality feel, and are absorbent.  If they are not properly stored they can break down and mold, as they are organic.  They feel soft and have a "rich" feel while in use.

    Water Blade

     drying my car, the best water blade, chemical guy's jet blower, metro master blaster.


    Quickly drys flat(ish) surfaces

    Easy to clean

    Very Long Lasting


    Does not completely dry the surface

    Hard to use on complex shapes

    A water blade is easy to wash, and works relatively well.  It will remove 90% of the water from a flat or slightly curved surface, but still requires a final dry with a secondary method.  It is also hard to use on tight spots, and curves.

    Synthetic Chamois

     The best way to dry my car, dry my boat, boating towel, quick dry towel


    Highly absorbent

    Long lasting

    easy to clean


    Extremely clean surface required.

    Easy to contaminate

    Synthetic Chamois' are made from fabric that is designed to mimic a natural chamois, but without the inconsistent thickens and shape.  Care is usually quite easy, and they are absorbent.

    Leaf Blower

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    No material touches the surface

    Moves the water off of the surfaces

    Blows water out of areas not possible using other materials.

    Does not contact the surface


    Shooting air born debris into your paint is a possibility especially if there is no inlet filter.

    A leaf blower is often used as a car dryer.  It is a good choice because as opposed to a cloth it does not rub on the surface of the vehicle.  The most dangerous issue for a leaf blower is that there is no air filter.  This can cause the blower to shoot debris at your vehicle.  The assault on the surface could cause swirls and contaminate the paint with organic particle such as pollen, weeds, and other dust from the air.

    Car Dryer


    No material touches the surface

    Moves the water off of the surfaces

    Does not contact the surface

    Different attachments are available


    Can be expensive to purchase

     A car dryer, such as the Master blaster, jet blower, etc. is a great choice.  It does have a higher price tag, but it is filtered, and protects your investment and the time that you put into your vehicle.  It has different options to be sure that you are getting into every corner, and does not actually touch the painted surface.

    That lists the majority of drying options, you should pick the one you are most comfortable with.  If you have any questions about washing your car, using the two bucket method, please read our blog on car washing here.

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