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    Ask Anything — Sealant and Coatings

    Can and should you top a sealant with a carnauba? For added depth?


    If you have a sealant or permanent coating on your vehicle you do not Have to add a carnauba.  However, adding a carnauba adds an eye-popping finish to your project.  One of my favourite combinations is Poorboy's EX-P, followed by Natty's Red.

    Some pointers:

    Give the sealant time to cure before applying carnauba.  (24-48 hours minimum)

    NEVER apply a sealant over a carnauba.  Sealants must be applied directly to the painted surface.  If there is wax on the paint already it may cause hazing that will be very hard to remove.  This is especially true with dark colored finishes.

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