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    Ask Anything — Trim Care Tips

    What about my trim??

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    We have been getting a lot of questions about trim.  How do I wash my trim?  How do I protect it?  Can I polish and seal the trim? Let's explore some options to properly maintain your cars plastic and rubber trim.

    Washing Trim

    When washing your car it is safe to use all car wash soaps on your plastic trim.  They are gentle enough not to damage or dry out your trim.  If you are using a dish soap, or all purpose cleaner do not allow the suds to dry on the surface.  This could cause fading and dry out the plastic.

    If you are only working on the trim, and not planning on washing the entire vehicle there are products designed to clean rubber and plastics deeply.  Only use these if you are planning to restore or protect the trim afterward. They will leave the surface clean and free of oils, but will not offer protection from the elements.

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    Obssssd Auto WashOBSSSSD Auto Wash Shampoo (16oz)


    Products to Restore the Plastics

    Ideally you want to keep your trim black and protected.  By regularly washing and protecting the trim you should be able to avoid most fading and discolorations.   If you have a vehicle that has faded trim there are several products that will help to bring back the shine.  These are often referred to "trim restorer" products and they will help to re-hydrate the plastic and leave the surface less faded.  Depending on the condition of the trim this may not bring it all the way back to new.

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    Sonax Plastic Care Interior & Exterior


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    SONAX Plastic Restorer Gel


    How to Protect Your Moldings

    I often get asked by customers if they can put the same wax on their plastics as they do on the rest of the car.  The answer is 95% of the time NO! When traditional wax is applied to the plastic moldings it often leaves a white stain.  It is actually dried on wax and can be very hard to remove.  In fact we sell several products that their only purpose is removing dried on wax.  Once the surface is clean, any vinyl/rubber/plastic protectant or shine will work to protect your moldings. It will depend on your preference for shine and durability.  Most often the products that offer the longest durability do cost the most. 

    Plastic Protectants

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    CarPro DLUX Plastic Protection

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    CG G6 Hyper Coat

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    Stoner Trim Shine

    The other 5% of the time?   Some quick detailers and spray waxes are designed to be used on multiple surfaces.  These will add gloss and protection to your plastic/rubber as well as your painted surface.

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