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    Ask Anything

    How do you strip waxes or sealant from car?

    When you are ready to add sealant, or start a correction job it is best to strip sealants and waxes from your car.  Why?  The cleaner the surface is, the easier it will be for the correction to succeed. 

    The easier way to remove any wax is to use a good All Purpose Cleaner (APC).  Dilute the APC to the recommended levels, and spray on the vehicle.  To Spray it on the vehicle use a 32oz spray bottle, or a pressurized spray canister.  Sealants being much tougher than a wax usually need a strong chemical paint cleaner or polish to be removed. Often if I plan on paint correction I don't bother trying to remove the sealant first as I know the polishing process will remove the sealant.

    When using an APC to remove wax, Make sure not to spray in direct sunlight, and do not let the cleaner dry on any trim.  Agitate with a brush or wash mitt if needed.  

    Finally rinse with a pressure washer or hose.  Make sure all of the APC has been rinsed from the vehicle.

    You are now ready to start your paint correction!

    Can and should you top a sealant with a carnauba? For added depth?


    If you have a sealant or permanent coating on your vehicle you do not Have to add a carnauba.  However, adding a carnauba adds an eye-popping finish to your project.  One of my favourite combinations is Poorboy's EX-P, followed by Natty's Red.

    Some pointers:

    Give the sealant time to cure before applying carnauba.  (24-48 hours minimum)

    NEVER apply a sealant over a carnauba.  Sealants must be applied directly to the painted surface.  If there is wax on the paint already it may cause hazing that will be very hard to remove.  This is especially true with dark colored finishes.

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